OutRadio homelink to Queer Music Heritage

January The Best of 2013, a very, Very subjective look, with an hour devoted to albums and another to singles & EPs, with (of course) some very esoteric choices. It's OutRadio's fourth anniversary show.
February Lots of genres...starting off with the terrific cover of "Marry the Night" Adam Lambert did on Glee and I figured no one could follow the closing song, Carole Pope's "Lesbians In the Forest."
March Another show covering lots of genres, with 30 songs, 22 artists, 5 new to OutRadio. This time I especially feature tracks from two benefit CDs calling themselves "The Gayest Compilation Ever Made," Vol 1 & Vol 2.
April OutRadio for April brings us two hours including a special live performance by Bobby Jo Valentine, and also 22 other artists, packed into two fun hours.
May OutRadio for May brings us two hours, including 31 songs by 24 artists, from 8 countries, starting off with a new local Houston act, Band Hennessy.
June The June show is all over the musical map...another two hours, including 31 songs by 21 artists, with 9 new to OutRadio, beginning with Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst.
July Songs about boyfriends, girlfriends, Chelsea Manning, and Harvey Milk.....
for July on OutRadio I'm bringing you 29 songs by 22 artists, with 10 new to OutRadio.
August Another musical collage of LGBT artists (and one straight act)...for August on OutRadio...I'm bringing you 31 songs by 26 artists, with 8 new to OutRadio.
September My September OutRadio is another romp through music by LGBT artists, including some old favorites (of mine) and some totally new to me. The show brings you 32 songs by 24 artists, 9 of whom are new to OutRadio.
October For October I've got 31 songs by 26 artists, 9 of whom are new to this show. The music is mostly from the last two years, and of course I visit many genres. I hope you enjoy the show.
November Here's 29 more songs for November, mostly new but with some choice oldies thrown in, and a bunch of different genres.
December Rounding out the year, for December I've got 35 songs with a bunch of new artists, mostly from the last two years, and of course they cover many genres.
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