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OutRadio August 2014
The Script

Matt Fishel - Summer Rain / Finally (2014)

This is JD Doyle with the August edition of OutRadio and I'm very pleased to start it with one of my favorite artists, Matt Fishel. And for me any new music by him is a treat and he's just released a new EP called "Cover Boy," and it's all covers. I began with the Belinda Carlisle song "Summer Rain" and that last one...well, I can't hear it without thinking of the film "Priscilla Queen of the Desert," and the song from it was CeCe Peniston's "Finally."

I'm going next to a Canadian duo, Sugarbeach and their new single "I Believe in Love."

Sugarbeach - I Believe in Love (2014)
Perpetual Detour - Little by Little (2014)
Vanilla Sugar - Bullseye (2014)

After Sugarbeach was another Canadian act, Perpetual Detour, and their new one "Little by Little," and then came a local Houston band. That was "Bullseye" by Vanilla Sugar.

I am increasingly becoming a huge fan of Julian Hornik, and while he's only 19, he's already been impressing folks all over the country. He's not released a CD yet but I sure love his singles. I'm giving you three of them, "It Gets Better," "The Solution" and "Altoona, Pennsylvania." That last one I'm also playing on my August QMH show, that's how nuts I am about it. Remember that Harvey Milk speech where he tells about getting a phone call from a teenager in Altoona, Pennsylvania? Well, that inspired Julian to write that song.

Julian Hornik - It Gets Better (2011)
Julian Hornik - The Solution (2012)
Julian Hornik & SFGMC - Altoona, Pennsylvania (2013)

Hornik Videos

Here's a song I've been meaning to play for a long while, so I'm going to remedy that right now. By Andy Freilich and from the 1995 CD "Dragons" is "Campfire With the Boys."

As info on Andy Freilich is so scarce, here is all I have

Andy Freilich - Campfire With the Boys (1995)
Eli Lieb - Safe in My Hands (2014)

Well, that song is making Eli Lieb some money, as it's being used in an Allstate commercial. It's called "Safe in My Hands."

Here's a short little song, and I sure wish it were longer. It's called "Pride" and New York City artist Adam Joseph put it together for June. Myself and others have already nudged him to do a full version of it. But for now here's what we have.

Adam Joseph - Pride (2014)

Here comes another Houston artist, Kristof Shane, and in the past I've played some covers by him, but this time he has an original, called "It's Been Awhile."

Kristof Shane - It's Been Awhile (2014)
Roscoe Elliott - Equality (2014)

JD & Kristof

That was a very topical song, named "Equality" and it was by Roscoe Elliott, from Melbourne, Australia. And I've got two more songs coming from Melbourne, and I think these are special. They were recorded live in 2006 at a concert featuring the Melbourne Gay & Lesbian Chorus, and you'll quickly figure out the guest vocalist, Jimmy Somerville. Together they do two of his songs "You Are My World" and "Something To Live For."

Jimmy Somerville & Melbourne Gay & Lesbian Chorus - You Are My World / Something To Live For (2006)

This is JD Doyle and I've got one more Jimmy Somerville track for you, and I'm using it to close this segment, as it's just a hard one to follow. The song is "Small Town Boy," and it's so much of an anthem with me that it's the ringtone on my cell phone. Here's a brand new take on the song, just on piano, and I think it's wonderful. Jimmy Somerville.

Jimmy Somerville - Small Town Boy (2014)

Eli Lieb - Zeppelin (2014)

That's Eli Lieb and his new single "Zeppelin," and it has a sexy video to go with it. This is JD Doyle with Part 2 of OutRadio, and I'm going right to a song that should fit well, called "I Believe," from the new EP by an artist calling himself Bright Light Bright Light, and I seem to play about anything he releases.

Bright Light Bright Light - I Believe (2014)
Jade Elektra - I Was Born This Way (2014)
Homer Marrs - Bear411 Remix (2014)
Netsky, feat. Beth Ditto - Running Low (2014)

After Bright Light Bright Light Jade Elektra gave us an updated version of the Carl Bean classic "I Was Born This Way," and then that was Homer Marrs with a dance remix of one of his tracks I played last year, called "Bear411." Finally, it's hard to top the vocals of Beth Ditto, and she lent those vocals to Belgian producer Boris Daenen, better known as Netsky. The song was called "Running Low."

Let's see, who's next? That would be the new single by Phil Putnam. It's called "Alone No More."

Phil Putnam - Alone No More (2014)

A spoken work artist I like a lot is Alix Olson, and she has a brand new album, called "Protagonist." From it is "Everybody's Waiting." And the song following, well, see if it sounds to you like it could be from a very edgy James Bond film.

Alix Olson - Everybody's Waiting (2014)
Carole Pope - Vagina Wolf (2014)

Who else but Carole Pope would come up with one called "Vagina Wolf." This next artist goes way back, and I say that with much respect. Virginia Rubino was in the band BeBe K'Roche, that had one of the first albums, and we're talking vinyl albums, on the Olivia Records label, in 1976. She's still at it and from a new album called "In the Sane" is the song "Alice Went to Wonderland."

Virginia Rubino - Alice Went to Wonderland (2014)
The Shiz - Grey Girl / Juggernaut (2014)

Another group new to me, called the Shiz. From their new CD "Meet You in the Morning" was "Grey Girl" and "Juggernaut."

Whoa, what to follow that with, well, I think AD DeLor y is up to the task. He's got a new single called "Love and Hate."

A.D. Delory - Love and Hate (2014)
Robert Blanchet - Keeping It Together (2014)

That was "Keeping It Together," the latest by Canadian singer Robert Blanchet. Now, y'all know I very rarely play straight acts on my shows, but I liked the lyrics of this song, and it's even by a Houston band. Called the Wheel Workers, the song is "Rainbows."

Wheel Workers - Rainbows (2014)

Wheel Workers lead Steven Higgenbotham

And, while straight, the Wheel Workers do have some gay cred. Lead singer Steven Higginbotham told me he considers himself a gay rights activist, and he sponsored a GSA in his high school, and two of the band members have a gay dad.

This is JD Doyle and closing us out this month are two artists who I've long liked individually, Jeb Havens and Matt Zarley, so when I heard they had done a recording together I was right on it. They did the Pink song "Fuckin' Perfect."

Matt Zarley & Jeb Havens - Fuckin' Perfect (2014)