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Jan 2010
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Featuring 5 mini-interviews!

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Part 3 - 60:24
Jeff Straker - Tykie's Coming Out (2009)
Jeff Straker comments (2009)
Jeff Straker - Bookmark / Emoticons /
      Dressed to Kill (2009)
Jeff Straker - The Storm (2009)
Matt Alber comments (2009)
Matt Alber - Field Trip Buddy (2009)
Matt Alber - Walk With Me (2009)
Tom Goss comments (2009)
Tom Goss - Back to Arkansas (2009)
Tom Goss - Till The End (2009)
Treana Morris of Wire Daisies comments (2009)
Wire Daisies - Rocket Girl (2009)
Wire Daisies - Gayboy (2009)
Horse - Coming Up For Air (2008)
Horse comments (2009)
Horse - Heaven Can Wait (2008)
Horse - Safe (2008)

Jeff Straker

2006, Jeff humored me by letting me take his photo from "both sides now"

Matt Alber


Above, Matt Alber's "Hide Nothing" CD, and a cowboy Matt
Below, closeup and (inset) shot from his award winning video


(the very photogenic) Tom Goss


Wire Daisies

Wire DaisiesTreana Morris

Horse McDonald

   Jimmy Carper, Horse, JD

Below, some of Horse's albums

199019932000200120032004Horse - Red Haired Girl