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January 2011
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Welcome to the first anniversary of OutRadio! It's my Best of the Year Show. During the year I get to hear a large number of new CDs by GLBT artists, so it is indeed difficult to narrow things down to the music that will fit into an hour show, so yes, this is a very, Very subjective Best of the Year list.

And I've done it a little differently this year, there's also a Part 2, for single releases. This year to me there seemed to just be more artists releasing digital singles, not found on an album, so that's in the second segment.

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Part 1 - Albums - 58:09
Daniel J Cartier - Married ("Redemption")
Namoli Brennet - Freedom Train ("Black Crow")
Brett Every - Prince Charming ("Fairy Godmother's Gone to Vegas")
K Anderson - This Changes Everything ("The Overthinker")
Kristie Stremel & the 159ers - Best Kiss ("Color of Stars")
Kristian Hoffman - Evil ("FOP")
Kevin Wong - Denial ("The Pink in the Grey")
Avi Wisnia - No Scrubs ("Something New")
Sonia & Disappear Fear - Pack of Newport ("Blood Bones & Baltimore")
Tret Fure - The Horizon ("The Horizon")
Ryan States - Immigrant (Fish Out of Water) ("Strange Town")
Dylan Rice - Merge ("Electric Grids and Concrete Towers")
Mike Rickard - Stupid Stuff Like That ("Sweat")
Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes - Muscle Shoals ("House of Joy")

Part 2 - Singles - 59:32
Chris Salvatore - Broke Another Heart ("Dirty Love" EP)
Myles Cooper - Gonna Find Boyfriends Today
Mary Cigarettes - Burning Bridges That Never Mattered
Tom Goss - You Don't Question Love ("The Politics of Love" EP)
Matt Alber & Tom Goss - Who We Are
Jen Foster - This Is Me
Toby Madigan - Stand for Something
Cheyenne Jackson - Blessing
Linq - Oh, Bully
Jeffrey Altergott - It Gets Better
Mike Ator - Stay
Broadway Sings for Trevor Project - It Gets Better
Melissa Li & the Barely Theirs - The Beginning
Coyote Grace - Daughterson ("Buck Naked" EP)
Jason Antone - Ooh Ooh Ooh
Chadwick - I Want You To Want Me

Part 1 - Albums
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Part 2 - Singles & EPs