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January 2012
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Welcome to my Best of the Year Show!
During the year I get to hear a large number of
new CDs by GLBT artists, so it is indeed difficult
to narrow things down to the music that will fit
into a show, so yes, this is a very, Very subjective
Best of the Year list.

And like last year, there's also a Part 2, for single releases. This is music not found on a full album, so mostly singles and a few songs from EPs are represented.

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Part 1 - 74:35
Melissa Ferrick - Still Right Here
Declan Bennett - Freer
Eric Himan - Dust
Lucky Jesus - Match and Gasoline
Shondes - Close the Door
Charles K. Brown - To Love Again
Coyote Grace - My Baby the Sun
Jeff Straker - The Stars Played Tricks
Tom Goss - It's All Over
Melissa Li & the Barely Theirs - The Beginning
Paige Lewis - One Good Day
Kate Reid - Doing It For the Chicks
Martin Swinger - Little Plastic Part
Catie Curtis - I Do
Fred Hersch - In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

Andy Monroe - Song for a Winter Night
Jake Walden - Same Something Different
The Young Professionals - D.I.S.C.O

Part 2 - 69:15
Sugarbeach - Come On Out
Blinded by Stardust - Cleared and Removed
Senor Kasio - No Sunset (I'm Gay)
Arro Verse - Availability
Jim Emmons - In Time
Nedra Johnson - K.I.S.S.
Dudley Saunders - Monster
Kevin Wong - Books & Drinks
Matt Fishel - My First Time
Christopher Dallman - Hard to Breathe
Jeffrey Altergott - Unleashed
St Andrew - The Cure
Summer Osborne - Just Be
Matt Zarley - We Belong
Christian Andreason - I Wanna Be an Amazing Man
Dan Holguin - Now I Only
Chadwick - Always You
Bright Light Bright Light - Love Part II (acoustic)

Part 1 - Albums
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Part 2 - Singles & EPs