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NOV 2010
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The It Gets Better Project has touched the world with its goal to help LGBT youth see hope in their futures, and it's also moved many artists and groups to put their own messages out there in the form of music. Parts 1 & 2 of OutRadio this month are my salute to the project and my effort to document some of these musical efforts, along with sharing other songs of the past that addressed the topic of anti-gay bullying and teen suicide.

Part 3 of the show is a fitting companion piece, as the compilation album "I Hear On The Streets" has the goal of raising funds to help New York City homeless LGBT youth move beyond the shelter system into stable adult lives. The album Producer Thomas Raniszewski describes the inspiration for the project and the music.

Part 1 - 60:00
Jeffrey Altergott - It Gets Better (2010)
Dan Savage & Terry Miller clip from video (2010)
Broadway for Trevor Project - It Gets Better (2010)
Chris Salvatore - It Gets Better (2010)
Linq - Oh, Bully (2010)
Scott Free - Another Day of Cruelty (2004)
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - Pushed Down the Stairs (1996)
Chicago Gay Men's Chorus - It Gets Better (2010)
Twin City Gay Men's Chorus - Oliver Button Was a Sissy (2000)
Twin City Gay Men's Chorus - It Gets Better (2010)
Steve Schalchlin - William's Song (2000)
Steve Schalchlin & San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - Gabi's Song (2008)
Marlee Walchuck of Sugarbeach Comment (2010)
Sugarbeach - Not Deserted (2009)
Patty Griffin - Tony (1998)
Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles - True Colors (2010)

Part 2 - 61:42
Mike Ator - Stay (2010)
Freddy Freeman - It Gets Better (2010)
Pink Sheep - It Gets Better (Obama Mix) (2010)
Terry Christopher - Brothers In Arms & Sister Soldiers (2006)
Jen Foster - The Underdogs (2005)
Todrick Hall - It Gets Better (2010)
Nhojj - Things Will Get Better (2010)
Sean Chapin - It Gets Better (2010)
Sean Chapin - Divided We Hate (2010)
Richard Ogawa - Hold On (The End of the Rainbow) (2010)
Austin Jennings - It Gets Better (2010)
Kevin Habin - Did You Hear (2010)
Brandon Anderson - It Gets Better (2010)
Peter O'Tooles - And He Cried (2010)
Ryan States - Better When You're Older (2009)
Men Alive - The Orange County Gay Men's Chorus - Ooh, Child (2010)

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I Hear On The Streets

Part 3 - 63:43
Gregory Douglass - Stay (2009)
Thomas Raniszewski Interview
Skott Freedman - I Hear On The Streets (2010)
Emily Nyman - Poet Painter (2010)
Kathy Fowler - Will You Know Who I Am? (2010)
Thomas Raniszewski - When You Were Here (2010)
Mari Levi - Sweet Misery (2003)
Sasha Sacket - At a Time (2004)
Josh Zuckerman - My Inspiration (2009)
Eric Himan - Stranded (2005)
Namoli Brennet - Let Love In (2009)
Reuben Butchart & Kiki Hawkins - Another Grace (2010)

Find the album at: Amazon, CDbaby, iTunes, and other fine stores near your computer

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Plus, a gripping video

And the one that started it all...

In Memory...

Tyler Clementi, Billy Lucas, Eric Mohat, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, Justin Aaberg,
Raymond Chase, Ty Field, Jaheem Herrera, Seth Walsh, William Wagner, Corey Jackson,
and far too many more.

And the three teens mentioned in the show, Asher Brown, William Clayton, and Jim Wheeler



If I may say so, this nears the first full year of OutRadio
and this is the show of which I'm the most proud.