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St. Andrew - The Cure (2011)
St. Andrew - Dark Room (2011)

This is JD Doyle and welcome to Part 1 of OutRadio for November. I love those two songs, in fact I love all five songs on the EP they are from. It's brand new and is called "No Man's Land," and is by a Los Angeles artist going by St. Andrew. You heard the tracks "The Cure" and "Dark Room." Since I did a special retrospective show last month I didn't get a chance to play any new material, so by now I've got so much to pick from it will be hard to choose. So let's get right to it and I'm going to keep the beat going with an Australian artist, Anthony Callea, and his new song called "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh."

Anthony Callea - Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh (2011)
The Young Professionals - With Me (2011)
The Young Professionals - D.I.S.C.O (2011)

I followed Anthony Callea with The Young Professionals, from Israel. The duo is made up of Yonathan Goldschtein and Ivri Lider. Ivri has been a big star in that country and I've been a fan of his for years, ever since his wonderful song from 2007 called "Jesse." I've been waiting and waiting for his first English language album and while I expected a solo release, this one is plenty good to satisfy. From the album I picked the songs "With Me" and "D.I.S.C.O."

Jim Emmons - In Time (2011)
Sir Ari Gold - Out Dancing (2011)

From the latest release by Jim Emmons came the song "In Time," and I followed him with Sir Ari Gold, and the song "Out Dancing," from his CD "Between the Spirit and the Flesh." I'm going to stay uptempo, with the brand new single from Erasure, "When I Start to Break It All Down."

Erasure - When I Start to Break it All Down (2011)
Faith Michaels - Neva Eva Eva (2011)
Jeremy Gloff - Outsiders (2011)

After Erasure you heard drag artist extraordinaire, Faith Michaels, and the video is much more expressive, on her song "Neva Eva Eva." Then Jeremy Gloff gave us the song "Outsiders" from his album "This."

Now, how often can you say you inspired a song to be written. Well, it's happened a few times to me over the years, and last November on OutRadio I did one of the shows of which I'm most proud. I decided to do a whole show on music inspired by the "It Gets Better" Project, so I put the word out on Facebook that I wanted songs on the subject. I figured artists might check their own catalogues and suggest songs, but I didn't really expect folks to be inspired to write songs, but three did. One was Brett Basil, and I was glad to premier his song, called "It Gets Better," last November. Now he has a remastered version, to go with his new CD. It's called "Debut," and from it you'll also hear "Time."

Brett Basil - It's Gets Better (2011)
Brett Basil - Time (2011)

And, okay, so far all the artists have been men, but I'm going to more than make up for that, starting with two cuts from the new album by Melissa Ferrick. It's called "Still Right Here," and the tracks are "Headphones On" and "You Let Me Be."

Melissa Ferrick - Headphones On (2011)
Melissa Ferrick - You Let Me Be (2011)
Rachael Sage - Big Star (2010)

Melissa Ferrick was recently signed to the Mpress label, which is run by Rachael Sage, so I next played one by Rachael, "Big Star," from her album "Delancy Street."

This is JD Doyle for OutRadio and closing out this segment are a duo that plays like a girl, and they are well qualified. June and Jean Millington have been making music for decades, going back to the band Fanny, in the 70's. Here's the title track from their new CD "Play Like a Girl."

June & Jean Millington - Play Like a Girl (2011)

Kate Reid - Captain Cupcake (2011)
Kate Reid - Doing It For the Chicks (2011)
Nervous But Excited - OneFourThree (2011)
Nervous But Excited - Happiest We've Ever Been (2011)

I really enjoy those two acts. This is JD Doyle and Part 2 of OutRadio for November. And Canadian Kate Reid just released her third album, and I knew I would love it, as it's called "Doing It For the Chicks." You heard the title track and one called "Captain Cupcake." Then I played two by an act that call themselves a "pleasantly aggressive folk duo" and go by the name Nervous But Excited. From their new CD "You Are Here" I picked "OneFourThree" and "Happiest We've Ever Been." Coming up, we'll hear from Houston's own, Miss Money.

Miss Money - Make U Mine (2011)
Miss Money - Let's Get Married (2011)

Miss Money has a new album, and it's about time, as I can't get enough of her. The album is called "Dream Weaver" and you heard "Make U Mine" and "Let's Get Married." She's a Houston artist and I often complain that there is not enough local talent. Well, here's another Houston artist who is new to me. I recently interviewed her on the radio and she is Paige Lewis. From her new CD, "One Good Day," is the title track and another called "I Belong With You Now."

Paige Lewis - One Good Day (2011)
Paige Lewis - I Belong With You Now (2011)

Paige Lewis and "I Belong With You Now," not last week, maybe not next week, but now. Coming up, two by Ellis.

Ellis - Coffee Song (2010)
Ellis - Trouble (2010)
Linq - Don't You Understand (2011)
Linq - Oh, Bully (2011)

I just love that song, and I've played it before, but this time it's from an all-acoustic album, called "Caught in the Act Acoustic." And the artist is Linq and you also heard by her "Don't You Understand." And starting off were two from the latest album by Ellis. From "Right on Time" I played "Coffee Song" and "Trouble."

And, you can't get much more topical than this song. It's brand new and is by the duo Emma's Revolution and is called "Occupy the U.S.A."

Emma's Revolution - Occupy the U.S.A. (2011)

Okay, I don't do this very often, but I'm going to play a straight artist, but her song is very gay, as is the video for it. She's Simone Battle and she was recently eliminated from the competition on the TV show X-Factor, but I give her credit because in her last words on stage she plugged her new video, and I could not resist checking out one with the title "He Likes Boys."

Simone Battle - He Likes Boys (2011)

Out of Austin are these next two artists, and I just heard them in October at the Houston Women's Music Festival. First, Ginger Doss brings us "This Cocoon" from her CD by that same name, and the second song is by Bekah Kelso, and it's called "Patron Saint," from her CD "Departure." Together they also perform as the act GBmojo and you can find them contributing on each other's releases.

Ginger Doss - This Cocoon (2009)
Bekah Kelso - Patron Saint (2011)

Very nice. Ginger Doss and Bekah Kelso, who are GBmojo, and this is JD Doyle, closing out Part 2 of OutRadio, and I've got just the song to do it, as I really like this one. It's called "Just Be" and is by Summer Osborne.

Summer Osborne - Just Be (2011)

Christopher Dallman - Light the Love (2011)
Christopher Dallman - Hard to Breathe (2011)

Ah, one of my favorite voices, and it belongs to Christopher Dallman, and from his brand new EP you heard the title track, "Light the Love," and "Hard to Breathe." This is JD Doyle and thanks for sticking with me for Part 3 of OutRadio for November. Next up, two tracks from the new CD by Martin Swinger, which is called "Moon." And the first one I think is a masterpiece of songwriting. It's called "Little Plastic Part."

Martin Swinger - Little Plastic Part (2011)
Martin Swinger - Something Like Goodbye (2011)
Dudley Saunders - Monster (2011)

Now that second song by Martin Swinger was called "Something Like Goodbye," and was originally on a cassette tape he released in 1994, called "Singin' Out!" and it was a very lyrically out of the closet tape. Of course I loved it, and I'm so pleased he decided to update the recording of that song and include it on the new CD. And the last song of that set was a brand new one by Dudley Saunders, called "Monster."

Every time Namoli Brennet releases a CD I consider it an event, and her new one is called "We Were Born to Rise." Here is the song "Rise."

Namoli Brennet - Rise (2011)
Chris Riffle - Younger Years (2010)
Jace - Ribbon & Remorse (2011)
Stewart Lewis - Four Lanes to Pittsburgh (2011)

After Namoli Brennet you heard "Younger Years," from the 2010 CD by Chris Riffle, and then a song by Jason Chu, who also goes by Jace. His song is called "Ribbon & Remorse." And the last song of that set was from Stewart Lewis and his EP "Stumbling for Truth." It was called "Four Lanes to Pittsburgh." Time to pick up the beat, and doing that is a new song by Matthew Duffy. But actually, the song is not new. It's a very nice cover of the 1981 hit by Pete Shelley, "Homosapien."

Matthew Duffy - Homosapien (2011)
Blinded by Stardust - Cleared and Removed (2011)
Simon Walton - Men and Their Machines (2011)

After that homosapien Matthew Duffy, you heard two more songs in that set, and the second one was by an artist from Vienna, Austria, who is a one-man band. Watch his video for that song and you'll see why I say that. The band is called Blinded by Stardust and that song was "Cleared and Removed." Then came UK artist Simon Walton, and "Men and Their Machines." That song is from a new EP called "Proud Music," and he has free downloads of it on his website.

There's a brand new Off-Broadway musical playing in New York City in November, and going by the music, it sounds delightful. The show is set on Fire Island and, are you ready, it's called "Little House on the Ferry." I'm very pleased that the Director, Rob Gould, send me these three tracks from it, as nothing as been released yet. From it are "Match for Me," "Steroid Queen," and "We're on Fire Island."

Little House on the Ferry - Match for Me (2011)
Little House on the Ferry - Steroid Queen (2011)
Little House on the Ferry - We're On Fire Island (2011)

Next is a song by Richard Solomon, and I first heard it on his myspace page in 2008, and I added the comment on his page that to me the song sounded like a pornographic Simon & Garfunkel, in a good way. What do you think? It's called "Sex Slave Surfer Boy."

Richard Solomon - Sex Slave Surfer Boy (2008)
Frightened Cellar - California of My Imagination (2011)

After Richard Solomon's sex slave you heard the act Frightened Cellar, but I know his name is James Wilson. The song was "California of My Imagination," from his new CD called "Destroy The Fear That Forms You."

This is JD Doyle closing the third hour of OutRadio, and I thank you for listening. Taking us out is a song with a fitting title. It's by Jeff Vitelli and is the title track of his 2006 EP, called "The Music Will Not Stop."

Jeff Vitelli - The Music Will Not Stop (2006)

Part 4 - 60:26
David Brown - Nothing Taboo (2011)
David Brown - it's All Drag (2011)

I just love that. And I love any CD by David Brown, and he's got a new one called "This Is My House." That song, with it's wonderful lyrics, was called "It's All Drag," and I admit with the first song, called "Nothing Taboo," I played with it a little. Well, he should not have tempted me by providing three versions of it, so I mixed a little of the a cappella one with the regular mix.

I got a huge compliment this past week in an email from one of my listeners in the UK, named Steve. He wrote that he's been listening to my shows for six years and he figures about one quarter of his music collection is made up of artists he heard first on my show. Of course I'm very flattered, as that's exactly what the show is for, to give exposure to GLBT artists. He went on to suggest several that I might not know about, I didn't, and I want to share a set of those artists right now.

I'll start with one from Philadelphia named Matthew Woolfrey, and I'm sure you've heard the expression "the cameral loves him," well in Matthew's case the video camera loves him. He is indeed cute and sexy but when he sings and looks you in the eye, well, I was riveted. What a magnetic performer, and he has many videos for you to check out. I picked the song from one called "Y", and that's just the letter y.

Matthew Woolfrey - Y (2010)
Lee Griffiths - Hippy Dippy (2007)
Paul Mosley - The Devil and Saint Valentine (2011)

After Matthew Woolfrey in that set was Lee Griffiths and from his CD "Armchair Anarchy" was the song "Hippy Dippy," and then Paul Mosley gave us "The Devil and Saint Valentine," from his new CD "The Romantic." Lee and Paul are both from the UK, as are these next two acts. First is one called Badbelly, and I don't know if he's gay, but the song is a very unique cover version of Tom Robinson's anthem "Glad to Be Gay," only this time it's called "Must Be the Truth (Sing If You're Proud)."

Badbelly - Must Be the Truth (Sing If You're Proud) (2011)
Ste McCabe - Accessorize (2011)
Stella Zine - Sex Workers Union (2011)

Okay, that middle artist I've been playing for years. He's UK punker Ste McCabe and he's got a new project with an Atlanta gender queer artist named Stella Zine. They are calling it a "split-download." Now I was familiar with the concept in the 80s and 90s, mostly in the punk genre, of two acts releasing a 7" 45 rpm record with a song by each on it, calling it a "split-45." Same idea here only it's purely a download. Ste McCabe's song was called "Accessorize" and Stella Zine did a reworking of a Woody Guthrie labor movement song, updated quite a bit and called "Sex Workers Union."

Ex-Boyfriends - 2 Hearts (2010)
Lucky Jesus - Match & Gasoline (2011)
Richard Barone - Odd Girl Out (2010)

Okay, those first two bands have something in common, and that's Colin Daly. The first act was the Ex-Boyfriends, who released several albums over the last few years, including that one, called "Line-Out," from 2010. The band is on sort of a hiatus at the moment, but that didn't stop Colin Daly from being in another band, called Lucky Jesus, and I played the title track of their second release "Match & Gasoline." And then I played a song from Richard Barone's latest album, "Glow." The song, co-written with Jill Sobule, was "Odd Girl Out."

Last month at the Houston Women's Music Festival I got to see the act Wishing Chair again, and I was reminded just how much I love their music. I'm going back to their first album, from 1996, "Singing with the Red Wolves," for their song "Sometimes."

Wishing Chair - Sometimes (1996)

Starting the next set is Martina Downey, with the song "Finer Things," from her album "Sign Post."

Martina Downey - Finer Things (2011)
Jennifer O'Connor - Running Start (2011)
G.U.T.S. - SuperShe (2011)

The second song of that set was a brand new one by Jennifer O'Connor. It's called "Running Start" and is from her CD "I Want What You Want." After her was a band called G.U.T.S. and one of the members, Tiik Pollet, has been at this for decades. In the mid 70's she was in the band BeBe K'Roche, which went on to release an LP on Olivia Records.

Okay, these have been four music-packed hours of OutRadio and I thank you for listening. I'm JD Doyle and it's a pleasure to bring this music to you. Closing us out is the band Sister Funk, and I just saw them perform in August, they can make you move. From their new album "Sister Funk Live" are the songs "On the Dance Floor" and "On the Outside."

Sister Funk - On the Dance Floor (live, 2011)
Sister Funk - On the Outside (live, 2011)