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Phranc Discography

Nervous Gender

Phranc in Nervous Gender 

Phranc in Nervous Gender

While the band Nervous Gender did record, that was after Phranc left the group to join Catholic Discipline. See the excellent sites dedicated to Nervous Gender and Catholic Discipline

Catholic Discipline
Catholic Discipline
Oct/Nov 1979: Hong Kong Cafe
1 Barbee Doll Lust
2 Everyone Dies Laughing
3 Hypocrite, 4 Culture Sluts
5 Underground Babylon
6 European Son
Winter 1979: Anti-Club
7 Take It Away, 8 Whip Them, Lord!
9 Fast Rhythm, 10 In a Dungeon
January 19, 1980: Hong Kong Cafe
11 Everyone Dies Laughing
12 Whip Them, Lord!
13 Soul Testing
14 Shooting Up With Mother
15 I'm Choking... , 16 Yes, We Do...
Oct/Nov 1979: Hong Kong Cafe
17 Tripmaker, 18 Take It Away
Jan 19, 1980: KPFK-FM
19 Pablo Picasso   (with Phranc on vocals)
"Underground Babylon," a collection of the 1979-1980 recordings of Catholic Discipline was just released in 2004 by Artifix Records, and features Phranc playing bass on most of the tracks, including her doing lead vocals on "Pablo Picasso," (the Jonathan Richman song) which she transformed later into "Gertrude Stein."
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Folksinger Folksinger

"Folksinger," first released as an LP on Rhino 856 in 1985, and reissued on CD in 1990 on Island 422-846-358-2, with the bonus track, "Everywhere I Go (I Hear the Go Go's). All songs written by Phranc except track 7, "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" (Bob Dylan). Produced by Phranc, Ethan James and Craig Lee.

  Amazons / El Salvador  Amazons / Charlotte

Above are two foreign released 45 rpm 7" records and are listed because
the flip sides of them were not released on any Phranc albums.

Phranc - Amazons / El Salvador (Stiff Records 6.14522, 1985, Germany)
Phranc - The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll / Charlotte (Stiff Records 247, 1985, UK)
[on my copy of the above disc the flip is incorrectly labeled "El Salvador" on the record and picture sleeve]

Best of the Radio Tokyo Tapes

"Best of the Radio Tokyo Tapes," (Chameleon 8608, 1987)
A various artists comp of L.A. artists, with the Phranc song,
"My Favorite Women Newscasters," that appears nowhere else

Click to hear it

I Enjoy Being a Girl I Enjoy Being a Girl

"I Enjoy Being a Girl," released on LP as Island 91259 and on CD as Island 791259, 1989. All songs written by Phranc except Track 2, "I Enjoy Being a Girl" (Rogers-Hammerstein) and Track 12, "Moonlight Becomes You" (Burke-Van Heusen). Those two tracks were arranged by Mrs. Fun (Connie Grauer and Kim Zick). Produced by Victor DeLorenzo, Mixed by Warren Bruleigh.

Positively Phranc Positively Phranc

"Positively Phranc," released as LP, CS and CD on Island 422-848-282, in 1991. All songs written by Phranc except Track 8, "Gertrude Stein," which was based on the song "Pablo Picasso," by Jonathan Richman; and Track 9, "Surfer Girl" by Brian Wilson (which included harmony vocals by Sid Straw of the Golden Palaminos). Track 3, "Hitchcock," was co-written by Phranc and Dave Alvin. Two Nice Girls added guest vocals on "I'm Not Romantic" and "'64 Ford." Produced and Engineered by Warren Bruleigh.

'64 Ford / Surfer Girl (2)  I'm Not Romantic

The "Positively Phranc" album yielded several special releases. Above left is the CD single of "'64 Ford," coupled with "Surfer Girl," (Island PRCD 6675-2, 1991) and, even cooler, the only "remix" I know of for one of Phranc's songs, the "Aqua & Pink Mixmaster Mix" of "Surfer Girl." It was also released on 12" vinyl. "I'm Not Romantic" (upper left, Island PRCD 6656, 1991) also came out by itself as a CD single.

I'm Not Romantic / I Enjoy Being a Girl

And above, as a 7" 45 from the UK (Island 501/868666-7, 1991) came one of the neatest picture sleeves ever, with Phranc posing wearing nothing but a satin sheet and combat boots (which she describes during the interview). The songs were "I'm Not Romantic" and, from the album of the same name, "I Enjoy Being a Girl." Island also released in the UK a CD with the same pic cover, with "I'm Not Romantic," "I Enjoy Being a Girl," and "Outta Here." Phranc told me this was also released as a US CD single, and I've seen it for sale as a UK 12" record.

R&P - Be Political Not Polite     Kristian Hoffman - I Don't Love My Guru Anymore

Some guest vocals for gay artists by Phranc:  in 1991 she, Holly Near and Alix Dobkin provided backups for Romanovaky & Phillips on their powerful AIDS song "No False Hope," which appeared on their "Be Political, Not Polite" album. And, in 1993 Phranc provided backups for Kristian Hoffman (of the Mumps) on his album "I Don't Love My Guru Anymore," on the title track and on "Odd Man Out."

Bulldagger Swagger / Hillary's Eyebrows Bulldagger Swagger / Hillary's Eyebrows

1994 brought the 7" 45 rpm record on the Kill Rock Stars label of "Bulldagger Swagger" and "Hillary's Eyebrows." The flip side has never appeared on an album by Phranc and its only CD appearance has been on the KRS various artists compilation "Some Songs." During our interview Phranc told me that as a kid she loved the colorful vinyl 45s she had, so she delighted that this 45 came out on red vinyl. Produced by Warren Bruleigh.

Goofyfoot Goofyfoot

"Goofyfoot," another Warren Bruleigh production, was released in 1995 on the Kill Rock Stars label (KRS 233) with instrumental help from Donna Dresch, Patty Schemel and (on the title track) by Satan's Pilgrims. Cover songs were written by others: "Mrs Brown" (Trevor Peacock) and "Ode to Billy Joe" (Bobbie Gentry). This 5-song EP was also released on 10" vinyl...Click Here to see an enlargement of that.

Team Dresch - Captain My Captain Team Dresch - Captain My Captain

Phranc did sort of a guest appearance on the Team Dresch album "Captain My Captain" (Chainsaw/Candy Ass 18, 1995). Their song "Uncle Phranc" is dedicated to her, and starts with a short clip of Phranc on the phone.

Milkman Milkman

"Milkman" was released in 1998 on her own label, as Phancy Records 1, produced by Warren Bruleigh, with all songs written by Phranc except "Tzena, Tzena" and "The Handsome Cabin Boy," which are considered traditional.

Phranc Songs on Various Artist Compilations

Radio Tokyo Tapes, Vol. 3     Say What U Want     Some Songs, From the Kill Rock Stars Singles

"Radio Tokyo Tapes, Vol. 3" (Chamelion, 1985)
song: "The Strange Death of Mary Hooley"

"Say What You Want" (Artists for Rock the Vote) (Mercury 731451522727, 1992)
song: "Dress Code"

"Some Songs" (Kill Rock Stars 276, 1997)
song: "Hillary's Eyebrows"

"Lesbian Favorites: Women Like Us" (Rhino R2-72915, 1997)
song: "Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter"

"Milkshake: A CD to Benefit the Harvey Milk Institute" (Timmi-Kat 005, 1998)
song : "The Ballad of the Dumb Hairdresser"

"Hang 10" (American Pop Project, 1998)
song: "Goofyfoot"

"Hot Rods & Custom Classics" (Rhino, four CD set, 1999)
song: "'64 Ford"

Lesbian Favorites: Women Like Us    "Milkshake: A CD to Benefit the Harvey Milk Institute"

 Hang 10     Hot Rods & Custom Classics

"Show Stoppers" (Cinevu, 2003) DVD
song: "Blood Bath"
(while released in 2003, this eclectric collection is likely of much older footage)

Show Stoppers DVD

"Lifetime Guarantee: Phranc's Adventure's In Plastic"

Phranc's first year as a Tupperware salesman was documented in a film that did well in numerous film festivals but is still, as they say, awaiting distribution on DVD. It contains the song "Tupperware Lady," and below is a short film description I found on the net.

The Tupperware Lady

Producers: Lisa Udelson and Eric d'Arberoff; distributed by Roadside Attractions
Director: Lisa Udelson
Phranc may be an unusual name for a woman, but Phranc is no ordinary, androgynously handsome, Jewish ex-punk-rocking lesbian, oh no, she is also one of America's best Tupperware salesladies. We witness Phranc's hilarious, musically-driven Tupperware parties, her struggle to manage the financial aspects of her endeavor, and her discovery of a friendly and supportive "Tupper World."

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