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Paid My Dues, Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 1980
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[ Note, as these are scanned pages, no search engine will find data on it, so I'm inserting
below the major lesbian music "names" and titles so they can be found ]

Mary Watkins, Alix Dobkin, Kay Gardner, Margie Adam, Deb Adler, Any Old Time String Band, Sirani Avedis,
Therese Edell, Robin Flower, June Millington, Holly Near, Ova, Betsy Rose, Vivian Fine, Flash Silvermoon,
Joanna Cazden, Frankie Armstrong, Alive, Willie Tyson, Cris Williamson, Rosy's Bar & Grill, Cathy Winter

Just a comment, remember the focus of this publication was on Women, and not Lesbians as such.
My reason for providing this section is to provide historical information on Lesbian Musicians,
so will only provide "searchable tags" for those artists. Of course there may be many other artists
in these issues who were or are lesbian; I could only identify the ones in my knowledge.

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