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Below is the first release by R&P, a very decidedly
amateur recording, done live at the first club at
which they performed, The Valencia Rose, in SF.
It contains three songs not re-recorded later.

Fresh Fruit Records


In The Outfield

In The Outfield

Tell The Children (3:16)*
Outfield Blues (3:00)
Lost Emotions (2:23)
Homophobia (3:30)
Self Respecting Faggot (3:20)
Mrs. Lockhart (2:54)*
The Prince Charming Tango (2:52)
Circle Round The Sun (2:56)*

* = songs that did not appear
on any R&P album later


This Way Out: The R&P Interview

This Way Out
The R&P Interview

With Greg Gordon
11/29/94, 48:50
includes the song
"At The Rose" (4:53)


I Thought You'd Be Taller
(Fresh Fruit 101, 1984)

The Prince Charming Tango (2:59)
Best Friends (4:39)
Outfield Blues (3:13)
Closet Case (2:36)
Paint By Numbers (4:46)
Womb Envy (3:53)
(I Can Have) Attitude (3:51)
Cat And Mouse (3:03)
She Has A Thing (For Men Who Love Men) (3:52)
Living In The Nuclear Age (Renaissance Song) (3:37)


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I Thought You'd Be Taller

Trouble In Paradise

Trouble In Paradise
(Fresh Fruit 102, 1986)

What Kind Of Self-Respecting Faggot Am I? (3:33)
Guilt Trip (4:12)
Lost Emotions (2:48)
Wimp (2:52)
To Myself (3:21)
Homophobia (3:52)
Must've Been Drunk (2:21)
Trouble In Paradise (2:46)
The Answering Maching Song (2:57)
He Wasn't Talking To Me (2:50)
Don't Use Your Penis (For A Brain) (4:04)
Carnival People (3:39)

Produced by Teresa Trull

Emotional Rollercoaster
(Fresh Fruit 103, 1988)

Straightening Up The House (3:29)
Emotional Rollercoaster (4:35)
I've Created A Monster (4:57)
Give Me A Homosexual (2:59)
Living With AIDS (4:19)
My Mother's Clothes (3:14)
The Woman Next Door (3:46)
Waltz For The New Age (3:30)
Family Of Lovers (3:22)
The Sodomy Song (2:25)
Be On The Safe Side (3:36)

The vinyl versions of "Trouble In Paradise" and
"Emotional Rollercoaster" had different back
covers from the CD versions. Click to see them

Emotional Rollercoaster
Be Political, Not Polite

Be Political Not Polite
(Fresh Fruit 104, 1991)

I Met A Man (4:07)
When Heterosexism Strikes (3:39)
One Of The Enemy (3:22)
Oh No...I'm In Love (3:31)
When I Look Into Your Eyes (3:26)
Red Moon Over Boston (2:46)
Once Upon A Time (3:39)
Love Is All It Takes (4:34)
Be Political, Not Polite (4:37)
Journal Entry (3:53)
Queers In The Closet (3:22)
Hymn (3:09)
Tango Indigesto (5:29)
Closing Chapter (3:25)
No False Hope (3:48

Produced by John Bucchino

Hopeful Romantic
(Fresh Fruit 105, 1992, solo album)

The Telephone Company Loves Me (4:48)
Sacrifices (3:06)
When I Hear A Love Song (4:06)
I Like To Polka (3:20)
Baby, Take Advantage Of Me (3:51)
The Perfect Crime (3:38)
A Measure Of Sadness (3:00)
Battle Scars (4:47)
Guilt Song (1:52)
One For You, One For Me (4:24)
A Song In My Heart (2:21)
These Things (4:14)

Produced by Teresa Trull

Hopeful Romantic

Let's Flaunt It

"Let's Flaunt It" is a live, concert album;
the titles in non-bolded font are the
comedy and dialogue routines

Let's Flaunt It
(Fresh Fruit 106, 1995)

Intro (0:15)
Some Of My Best Friends Are Straight (3:05)
Politics And Fashion (0:10)
Homophobes In Robes (3:35)
The Homosexual Agenda and "Special" Rights (1:12)
If There's A God (He's A Queen) (3:36)
One Way Out (3:25)
Missy And Heidi (1:41)
Functional Illiteracy (2:14)
The Last Ones To Know (3:55)
Burning Angels (2:52)
The Only Woman I Ever... (0:48)
Don't Sleep With Your Ex (3:20)
Mom's Speech Imnpediment (2:04)
He Is My L-O-V-E-R (3:25)
Prozac In The Water (0:39)
Island Song (3:13)
Wanted: For Sodomy (1:03)
Let's Flaunt It! (1:05)
Two Person Strong (2:17)

Brave Boys -- The Best & More of Romanovsky & Phillips
(Fresh Fruit 107, 1994)

Ho Ho Homophobia (4:36)
Don't Use Your Penis (For A Brain) (4:45)
Brave Boys (4:36)
Oh No...I'm In Love (With My Therapist) (3:31)
These Things (4:14)
Womb Envy (3:53)
Living With AIDS (4:19)
I Like To Polka (3:20)
Lost Emotions (2:48)
If There Is A God (He's A Queen) (5:01)
Waltz For A New Age (3:30)
To Myself (3:21)
Guilt Trip (4:12)
Give Me A Homosexual (2:59)
The Prince Charming Tango (2:56)
Love Is All It Takes (To Make A Family) (4:34)
No False Hope (3:48)
What Kind Of Self Respecting Faggot /
Politically Correct Lesbian Am I? (4:22)

Brave Boys
Je M'Appelle Dadou
Je M'Appelle Dadou
(RR 101, 2002, solo album)

L'Air Des Rues (I) (1:06)*
La Romance De Paris (2:54)
The Hashish Hop (2:13)*
La Pluie Dans Le Desert (2:57)
Paolo's Theme (2:37)*
Tango Ronaldo (2:06)*
La Chanson De Prevert (4:00)
Cathedrale Noir (1:21)*
Le Bateau De Tahiti (2:58)
Fellini's Caravan (2:11)*
Une Chanson Dance (2:25)
La Guitan Francais (2:46)*
Morning In Provence (1:38)*
Danse (3:01)
L'Air Des Rues (II) (1:08)*

* = instrumentals

In 2006 Ron recorded an updated version of "Don't Use Your Penis for a Brain" and a new song "Sanctity of Marriage." They both can be heard on my June 2006 show, and the latter song can be downloaded from my Gay Marriage page.
Pittsburgh to Paris
(Fresh Fruit CD 109, 2006, solo album)

Burro Alley Tango
Gypsy Hop*
When Saying Goodbye
American en France
Sinking Ship
Birth Theme*
Le Jardin de Bernadette
The "Gay" in Paree
Fellini's Caravan*
Honey in the Morning
Boys in the Rain
Pittsburgh, PA
Restless Croatian Dreams*
We'll Begin Again
Chanson pour Amelie*

* = instrumentals

It's A Boy! A Circus Opera
(Fresh Fruit CD 108, 2006)

circus theme*
the natural way
praying for a girl
birth theme*
perfectly you
cleaner wiener
locker room blues
take it like a man
can't get overe it
cycles of greed, fear and ignorance*
if only
how could a knife
just a nurse
what if
knife juggler theme*
* = instrumentals

Written by Ron Romanovsky & Betty Katz Sperlich

Turn Up the Fun?
(Fresh Fruit CD 110, 2008)

Stuff Is Falling
The Day the Homos Disappear
Socks and Underwear
Fighting for Peace
She's Not Unhappy
The Sanctity of Marriage
Raccoons in the Volvo
The Alternative Parenting Song
Turn Up the Fun!
Five Holes
Women of Fire
The Donkey and the Elephant
The Anti-Depressant Polka
When the Sky is Grey

True To Myself

When Joe Bracco died of AIDS, on March 3, 1991, Paul Phillips lost a dear friend and fellow artist, so for Paul it was a labor of love to complete the project Joe had started. Paul became Producer for the cassette release in 1992 of Joe's music, called "True To Myself." The songs are Out lyrically and filled with Joe's humor and insight. Paul and Ron both provided some of the backup vocals. I did a special feature on the music of Joe Bracco on my October 2003 show.

Joe Bracco
Fresh FruitFresh FruitFresh FruitFresh FruitFresh FruitFresh FruitFresh FruitFresh FruitFresh FruitFresh FruitFresh FruitFresh Fruit
Miscellany: R&P Elsewhere:
"Feeding The Flame" CD

The R&P recording of their song "One Of
The Enemy" appeared on the Various Artists
compilation "Feeding the Flame: Songs By
Men To End AIDS." The CD, released in 1990, also included songs by The Flirtations, Pete Seeger, Tom Wilson Weinberg, Fred Small, John Bucchino, Elliot Pilshaw, Peter Alsop, Geof Morgan, Michael Callen, Josh White Jr, Gary Lapow, Willie Sordill, Xotica & others.

Suede's "Barely Blue"

Suede recorded the song "A Measure of Sadness," written by Ron Romanovsky and John Bucchino, on her 1992 album "Barely Blue"

The Gay Men's Chorus of Houston included the R&P song "Love Is All It Takes" on their 1995 album, "To Friends and To Life." They also had the good taste to include the almost anthem "Everything Possible," written by Fred Small.
Click to visit the GMCH site
"Bar-Bar-Ella" by Busy McCarrollBusy McCarrol

Click on the albums to
link to the artist sites

Above, Ron played accordian on the 2001 album by Busy McCarroll. It had the unlikely title of "Bar'Bar'ella~The BeatNik Spy Music Files" on the pix for more info.
The R&P song "Brave Boys" was included on the 1995 various artists compilation "Hand In Hand."    The album was a fundraising project in coordination with the Houston Pride event, Spectrum '95,
Hand in Hand
Santa Fe folk artist Jaime Michaels gathered the cream of that area's musicians to help him on his third album, "Angelus," released in 2002. Ron Romanovsky contributed his accordian playing to the project.
Jaime MichaelsJaime Michaels

Lynn Thomas' CD "Courage"

Click to hear
Strong & Free"

   and click here     to buy the CD

In April of 1992, at the Gulf Coast Festival Lynn Thomas met Pat Hussain, a member of the steering committee for the 1993 March on Washington. As the story goes, Lynn asked Pat how she could help with the March, and Pat said, "Why don't you write us a song? We identify with all kinds of songs, but we've never had a song that was all ours--just ours!" And, a few months later the song was finished. It was called "Together, Proud and Free."

But Lynn took her idea a giant step further. She envisioned the idea to record the song in sessions around the country, so as many women's music and gay singers as possible could participate. And the word spread, and as a result Lynn spent four months travelling and arranging the various sessions. Over sixty musicians and artists were on the finished recording, and the list is a who's who of women's music, and several gay male artists were also honored to be included, among them Ron & Paul (easy to spot in the top row below), Ted Fox, and several men involved in New York theatre.

The list of women is stellar, and they included (in no particular order): Margie Adam, Gwen Avery, Bonnie Morris, Toni Armstrong Jr, Diane Lindsay, Holly Near, Jess Hawk Oakenstar, Jamie Anderson, Leah Zicari, Nedra Johnson, the Washington Sisters, Destiny, Venus Envy, Robin Flower, Libby McLaren, Nancy Vogl, Pam Hall, June Millington, Suede, Susan Herrick, Seraiah Carol, Ubaka Hill, Ruth Simkin, and many more. The pic below is from Hot Wire.

Photo from Hot Wire Magazine, May 1993
visit Jay's site


In the fall of 2006 Jay Spears released his eagerly awaited followup to his "Boy Howdy" CD from 2002. It was called "Playin' On My Team," and Ron made a special appearance playing accordian on the track "Bougainvillea Waltz."

And, in the late 90's, Ron & Paul were involved with two musicals...

"Jayson," the Musical

Jeff Krell is a comic strip writer who created the groundbreaking strip "Jayson," which debuted in the "Philadelphia Gay News" in 1983. By 1985 "Jayson" had achieved wide popularity with its appearance in "Gay Comix," where the strip was named Most Popular Feature. In 1995 Krell began collaborating with Ron & Paul on a "Jayson" stage musical. After some workshop performances the off-Broadway debut was on July 10, 1998, at The 45th Street Theatre, and the "New York Times" praised it for its "tart, keenly observed humor." Several R&P songs were used in the show, including "My Mother's Clothes." While the show did not have a long run, it got a generally kind review, which you can click to see.

Ron & Paul wrote the
forward to the book,
click to read it

Jennifer Milligan Mel Helitzer
"Oh, Jackie"
"Offbeat" might be a good word for the subject of Mel Helitzer's musical "Oh, Jackie." It's about the relationship between Jackie Kennedy and her father, "Black Jack" Bouvier. The play started with workshop productions in the fall of 1998 and for the last several years has been presented in a number of cities, mostly in Southern Ohio. Ron & Paul were two of the four composers contributing original songs to the musical.
Oh, Jackie!
Above, actress Jennifer Milligan starred in the
musical by Mel Helitzer (right) in the Spring of
2000 productions held at the Aronoff Center's
Jarson-Kaplan Theatre in Cincinnati.
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