Live Studio Interviews...done on the show KPFT Queer Voices
JD, Ryan, Ian July 11, 2011, Ryan States was in town with the circus...he's a travelling circus musician...and also a very talented artist. I got him into the studio (he brought guitarist Ian Murphy) and we had a 33:18 minute live sudio concert and interview, with him performing three songs from his CD "Strange Town," and two unreleased tracks, and (cool) this was his first live radio performance. Click to hear it.
Jimmy, DC & me. Aug 2, 2009, DC Anderson was in town, for his role in "Phantom of the Opera," and stopped by Jimmy Carper's After Hours for a very cool chat, and we got to hear three songs from his Oct 2009 release "Close Companions." A 42 minute segment, Click to hear it.
"Close Companions"
Visit Andy's site March 9, 2009, what a treat to have Andy Northrup in the studio, all the way from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He talked about his music, acting, and about being out as an artist. Andy's also a frequent guest at the Bearapalooza events around the country. A 16-minute segment, including two of his songs. Click to hear it.
JD, Tim'm West, Jimmy Carper On December 21, 2008, Jimmy Carper invited me onto his After Hours show to lead the interview with Tim'm West, and it was a very engrossing discussion. Tim'm talked about being in Deep Dickollective, homophobia in hip hop, his own music including his current CD "Blakkboy Blues," and the upcoming "In Security: The Golden Error," with several songs thrown into the mix. We ran longer than expected, but it was well worth it, turning into a 72 minute segment. Click to hear it.
Ellis was in town performing at a local folk venue, promoting her latest release "Break the Spell," and her schedule allowed an in-studio performance the evening before on Queer Voices. And what a treat it was, a 24-minute segment, from June 2, 2008. Click to hear it.
JD & Ellis
Ron Morris played Mojo Risin' in Houston on March 27, 2008, and earlier that week Ron & I chatted about his tour, and his first CD ("Speak True") and "Boyfriend," his latest EP, and also his upcoming CD, to be released in June. Hear the 11 minute segment by Clicking Here.
Bear NakedScrapbook For the Feb 11, 2007 edition of Queer Voices I interviewed Martin Swinger, on his upcoming Houston shows that week, at Anderson Fair and Bruce's Loft. Hear the 18:35 segment, including two songs by clicking here.
A Moment Awayon the cover of Outsmart Magazine On November 12, 2007, local artist/producer extraordinaire Alan Lett was my guest, talking about the CD release party for his latest album, "A Moment Away," and his production work for Jason & deMarco, Josh Duffy, and others. Click to hear the 19:23 interview.
Alan & me
"Artificial"-Josh's debut CDJD & Josh On June 18, 2007, local Houston artist Josh Duffy graced our studio with a visit just a few days prior to his performance at the Houston Pride Festival. We discussed his recently released debut album "Artificial" and heard two of its breakout singles, the title track and "Call Back." Josh's manager Joseph joined us and offered his insight on Josh's career. Click to hear the 21:16 interview.
Eric Himan at KPFTEric & JD Eric Himan often visits Houston on tour, and this time I conjoled him to come to town a day early so he could perform live in our studio on Queer Voices. He sang a couple songs from his latest full-length CD "Everywhere All At Once," including a fave of mine, "Bartender." Click to hear the 17:00 minute guest spot, recorded April 23, 2007.
Almost exactly a year from my last radio interview with Martine Locke (see April 26, 2006, below) she was back in Houston for another delightful show, this time at Mojo Rising, as part of the Diva Concert Series. Click Here to listen to the 16:20 segment. Recorded April 16, 2007.
Deadlee (left) and Tour co-star Bigg NuggCamillo Arenivar On April 2, 2007, prior to the arrival of the Homo Revolution Tour in Houston the following Saturday, I did a phoner with one of its stars, Deadlee, and Camillo Arenivar, the tour organizer. You can hear the 18:48 minute interview by clicking here. And please visit my April 2007 QMH show on Gay Hip Hop, for a lots more about the Tour.
In conjunction with her upcoming concert appearance in Houston on February 2, Sonia did a phone interview on January 29, 2007. Queer Voices. You can hear her talk about the evolution of Disappear Fear, her musical partner Laura Cerulli, her recent trip to Israel and her upcoming world album. You can hear the 19 minute segment if you click here.
Sonia, JD, Laura, 2/2/07
Ann Reed came to Houston for a show scheduled on November 11, 2006. Unfortunately, she got laryngitis, and could barely speak at all. We snapped a couple pics, but the show would have to be rescheduled. However, earlier that week, on November 6th, I did a telephone interview on Queer Voices, with the help of Deborah Bell, as a promo for Ann's show, and you can listen to that 18 minutes segment by clicking here.
I got to interview one of our legends, twice in two weeks. Tret Fure came to Houston for a concert on November 4, 2006, and that day we did an in-depth interview, which will be the subject of my January 2007 QMH show. But a couple weeks prior, on October 23, 2006, we did a phoner, live on Queer Voices, and you can listen to that 24 minute chat here.
Ari in Houston, 5/27/06 Well, I interviewed Ari on my April 2001 QMH show, and again in 2004 when "Space Under Sun" was released (see above). But I couldn't pass up another chance to talk with him, promo-ing his first appearance in Houston. We did a "phoner" on Queer Voices on May 22, 2006, to plug his show at Jeffries Bar for the 5th Anniversary of Aquafest Cruises. Click to Listen to our 16 minute chat.
Julie & JD, 5/1/06 On May 1, 2006, Julie Loyd was my in-studio guest on Queer Voices, fresh from appearing at the Houston International Festival. She was on a mini-Texas tour, partially in conjunction with the "Peace From the Porch, Volume 2" project, spearheaded by Christy Claxton. Besides the interview Julie blessed us with the title tracks from her albums "The Waiting Room" and "Fate Says He's Sorry." Click to hear it.
"The Waiting Room"
Martine Locke's "On the Verge"
On April 24, 2006, I had a delightful phone interview on Queer Voices with Aussie artist Martine Locke. And later that week she was in town for a house concert and to perform at the Houston International Festival. This 21 minute segment includes two tracks from her latest album, "On the Verge." Click to hear it.
Martine & JD, 4/28/06
Melissa & JD Melissa Ferrick was my special studio guest on Queer Voices on November 22, 2004. She was in town for a concert and graced us with a neat interview and three live songs, two of which were from her new CD "The Other Side." Click to hear the 26 minute session.
"The Other Side"
Acclaimed pianist Adrienne Torf did a telephone interview with Jone Devlin and myself on Queer Voices on October 11, 2004. She discussed (and we played samples from) her latest CD, called "Collaboration." The CD celebrated the poetry of the late June Jordan. Click to hear. 19 minutes.
On January 12, 2003, Gregg Shapiro was our studio guest, and Jone Devlin and I got to participate in sort of a "media meets the media" interview. And it was a delight. Greg is co-host and the music director at Windy City Radio in Chicago, as well as being senior entertainment writer at Windy City Times. And he's music editor at Next Magazine (NYC) and contributes music reviews to over a dozen queer publications across the country, including Outsmart in Houston. He shared his observations about his ten years of reviewing GLBT music. 21 minutes. Click here.

[Photo at left, myself with Greg at the Outmusic Awards in NYC in June of 2003, where he was honored with the OMA for Outstanding Support]

David Daniels & JD
I had the honor of interviewing opera divo David Daniels on Queer Voices on November 3, 2002. He was in town to star in the Houston Grand Opera production of "Julius Caesar." A highlight of our discussion was hearing about his new CD, "A Quiet Thing," which was a nice departure from classical opera, to, well, classical folk and cabaret, sort can also hear our Audiofile segment for November, which included this CD, but to hear the Queer Voices interview (29 minutes), Click here.
Daniels' "A Quiet Thing"
Bi the People CD On September 1, 2003, Jone Devlin and I interviewed Skott Freedman about the new compilation he produced, called "Bi The People." It's the first various artists CD released devoted to bisexual artists and their friends. Click to hear the 23 minute interview. And also, I turned it into an 8-minute segment for This Way Out, which aired the week of September 15th. Click to hear that version.
Skott Freedman
The Big Voice On April 7, 2003, Steve Schalchlin & Jim Brochu appeared on Queer Voices to promote their new musical "The Big Voice: God or Merman?" They were a delight, as was the play. Right, JD, Jim, Jone Devlin of Queer Voices, and Steve. Click to hear the 26 minute interview.

(Left) I interviewed activist/comedian Robin Tyler in L.A. in August, 2001, and it aired on Queer Voices shortly after, 28 min. Click to listen.
(Right) Writer/Gay Historian James Sears was interviewed by Jone Devlin & myself live on Queer Voices on 10/2/01, 34 minutes. Click to listen.

In July of 2001, I interviewed Jade Esteban Estrada and got a chance to hear him talk about his life, his career and especially his music...the music from his CD "Angel." 15 minutes. Click to listen.


On my March 2001 QMH show I featured some highlights from the musical "Bed, Boys & Beyond," but I thought the interview I got from the writers, Jeff Dobbins and Alfredo Alfredo was so excellent that I also produced an expanded feature, that aired on my host show, Queer Voices that same month. It's about 16 minutes long and includes a number of musical clips from the show. Click to listen.

My first phone interview for Queer Voices was with Bonnie J. Morris, who wrote the wonderful book, "Eden Built By Eves: the Culture of Women's Music Festivals." I thought the book gave a fascinating look into the culture, the music and artists, and the politics of women's music festivals. And, Bonnie gave a very interesting interview. We could have talked three times as long without repeating ourselves. The segment aired on 2/28/00 and is 23 minutes long. Click here to listen.

Artist Interviews

[ These were done prior to my OutRadio show, which now provides that outlet ]

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Christopher Dallman - Race the Light - 16:57
Scott Free - They Call Me Mr. Free - 25:36
KJ Denhert - Girl Like Me - 27:00
Brady Earnhart - Manalapan - 19:56

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Ari Gold - Space Under Sun - 20:45
Jim Verarros - Unsaid & Understood - 20:15
Namoli Brennet - Boy In A Dress - 17:20
Pansy Division - Total Entertainment - 17:05

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Lisa Koch - Both of Me - 18:32
Justin Tranter - Scratched - 19:23
Allison Tartalia - Ready - 17:56
Jeremy Blue - Embracing This - 18:30