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Travels with Toby McCutcheon

A personal scrapbook by

Angus Fitzroy, Edinburgh, 1949

This is a spiral notebook I acquired in an auction,
some 85 pages of photos, drawings, postage stamps
and most of all, memories of the travels of these two men.

Part 1 (below)
Part 2
Larger Scans of the Photos

The introduction states these are remembrances of the 30 years Angus
knew Tony, and closes with the comment that "he was a remarkable man."
This perhaps meant Toby had passed away by that time, but there can
be no doubt that Toby was the love of Angus' life.

Notebook pages are 3 1/2" x 6"

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Note to other webpersons...I have found my entire scrapbook reproduced on other sites or blogs,
with barely a reference to the source, and without permission or contact. I know this is a tempting
treasure to want to share, but please first
request permission.