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Mark is one of my favorite artists. I've featured his music many times over the years, and now that it seems Mark has closed down his career I feel I just have to set up this page, to capture just a bit of his remarkable work.


Recordings (this page)

Articles & Reviews


"One Good Reason," 1990, cassette only, and very rare

"The Truth Is," 1998

"The Truth Is" Sampler Tape, 1998

"All That Matters," 2000

"Mark Weigle," 2000

In the early 2000's the website was a wonderful showcase of
independent artists, and you could buy from them special artist CDs.
Mark took advantage of this again in 2002, and on these two rare releases
is the only appearance of "Past the Neon Light." It also includes, from
Mark's rare 1990 tape, the song "Wish You Were Here."

"Out of the Loop," 2002

"Show Sampler," 2002

"Different and the Same," 2003

"Soul Sex," 2005

A double CD with the discs "Versatile" and "Wrestling the Angel"

"Mark Weigle," 2007

Guest Appearances

Skott Freedman's 2005 CD "Judge a Book" includes
a duet with Mark on "Papa Was a Rodeo"

Mark duets with Veronica Klaus on "Angel From Montgomery"
on her 2005 CD "Live at the Lodge"

Appearances on Compilations


The various artists comp "Marry Me," 2004, includes "A Good Day"

The various artists comp "Bear Tracks, One," 2004, includes "Bears"

"If It Wasn't Love" appears on the excellent 1999 compilation "Outloud"

Other Uses of Mark's Music

some of Mark's music was included in Tom Murray's 2003 documentary "Farm Family"

Tom tells me that clips of the following songs were used:

If You Grew Up There
From Your Kid
Do You Go
One Less Dancer
I Confess
Two Cowboy Waltz
In the Last 5 MInutes
All of You
If It Wasn't Love

and, something a bit different, 15 of Mark's songs appear on the "soundtrack" to this film

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Queer Radio


My friend John Frame of Queer Radio in Brisbane, Australia, wanted y'all to know that Mark Weigle visited their studios in October 2007, and videos captured Mark singing four songs, some not available elsewhere.

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