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Women's Music Newsletter
Seattle, 1987-1989

This was a regional, quarterly newsletter published out of Seattle by Toby Langen and Molly McGee,
and included "reviews of new record releases as well as profiles and interviews with performers
and others involved in the production of women's music and culture." I have eight issues in my
collection of the eight-page publication, and as copies did not contain a volume number I cannot
tell if any copies preceded the first one I have, if there are gaps in the series I do have, and I do
not know if others followed. My copies span from "Fall 1987" to "Winter 1989."
And it is curious
that two issues were dated "Winter 1987," and "Sept 1988" and "Fall 1988," would appear to overlap.
If you can provide more information about this publication, or even scans of additional isues,
please email me so I can share the information.

Every issue has been scanned, all 66 pages, and you can click each link or issue cover.

Fall 1987

Winter 1987

Winter 1987
Sept 1988

Woman's Music Newsletter (Seattle, 1987 - 1989)

Woman's Music Newsletter Index

Fall 1989
Alix Dobkin interview
Phranc article
New music news: Sue Fink, Cris Williamson, Deidre McCalla, Kay Gardner, Washington Sisters, Nancy Vogl
Calendar: Alix Dobkin, Phranc, Linda Tillery, Ann Reed, Rhiannon, Jasmine, Connie Kaldor

Winter 1987
Rhiannon article
Jasmine article
Cris Williamson LP "Wolf Moon"
Deidre McCalla LP "With a Little Luck"
New music news: Casselberry & Dupree concert, Rhiannon voice instruction cassettes,
June Millington announces founding of Institute for the Musical Arts
Calendar: Jasmine, Rhiannon, Casselberry & Dupree, Fallen Angels, Maw Sugar, Jo Miller, Tret Fure, Connie Kaldor

Winter 1987
Jami Sieber article
Edwina Lee Tyler article
Barbara Wilson, book review for "Sisters of the Road"
Deidre McCalla LP "Don't Doubt It"
Calendar: Jami Sieber (with Charlie Murphy and Rumors of the Big Wave), Hawkins & DeLear, Madeleine Davis, Ann Reed, Heather Bishop, Lucie Blue Tremblay, Judy Fjell, Linda Allen, Deidre McCalla

Sept 1988
Karen P. Thomas interview
Article on mainstream media for Tracy Chapman, Sinead O'Connor, Michelle Shocked and Toni Childs
Lillian Allen LP "Conditions Critical"
News from Redwood Records and Olivia Records
Calendar: Z Budapest, Alison Bechdel, Betsy Rose, Judy Grahn, Olivia Records 15th Anniversary Celebration

Fall 1988
Dianne Davidson interview
Hunter Davis LP "Torn"
Lillian Allen LP "Revolutionary Tea Party"
Article: Willa Cather comes out, Emily Dickinson stays in

Spring 1989
Linda Bierds interview (poet)
Hunter Davis interview
Large ad for LP "Country Blessed," by Cris Williamson & Teresa Trull
Large ad for 14th Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
Article: Redwood Records vs Loony Bins
Calendar: Robin Flower & Libby McLaren, Hunter Davis, Fabulous Dyketones, Dianne Davidson, Deidre McCalla, Ranch Romance

Summer 1989
Teresa Trull interview (on "Country Blessed" LP)
New Music: Sam Weis ("Sneak Preview"), Kay Weaver ("Take the Power"), Jennifer Berezan ("Edge of Wonder"), Faith Nolan ("Freedom to Love")
Boo Price interview, on Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

Winter 1989
Kate Clinton article
Judy Small article
New Music: Michelle Shocked, Tracy Chapman, others
Calendar: Kate Clinton, Joann Loulan, Cappy Kotz, Woody Simmons, Jane Sapp, Judy Small