April 2007
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This month's show will explore the world of Gay Hip Hop. You might also call it Gay Rap, Homohop or Queerhop but it all boils down to music of a genre that's not at all been very open to GLBT artists. So I'm going to try to share with you the history and a number of the artists braving this world. You'll also hear about the new documentary film on the subject called "Pick Up the Mic," and the first regional gay hip hop tour, called the Homo Revolution Tour 2007. The show features interview clips with a number of artists, and my feature interview is with pioneering artist Tori Fixx, a member of Rainbow Flava.

Part 1     57:58      (airdate April 23, 2007)

Pick Up the Mic - Opening Montage (2005)
Bigg Nugg - La Revolucion (2007)
Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop) (1984)
Age of Consent - Fight Back (1981)
Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Leviticus: Faggot (1996)
Queen Penn & Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Girlfriend (1997)
Rainbow Flava - Freaky (2000)
Tori Fixx Interview
Tori Fixx - Marry Me (2004)
Tori Fixx - Breakthrough (2003)
Deep Dickollective - We Out (2004)
Deadlee - Nasty (2006)
Johnny Dangerous - Topsy Turvy (2003)
God-des & She - Love You Better (2007)
B.Q.E. - Understand/Overstand (2003)

Part 2     72:11
Miss Money - Xcursion (2002)
Jenro - Try It (2006)
Queer Pen - Girlfriend (1997)
CWA - Chickenhawk (1995)
Dutchboy - Funky Bisexual (2003)
Rainbow Flava - Sweet Playa (2000)
Tori Fixx Interview, continued
Tori Fixx - Anthem (2004, with Katastrophe, Dutchboy, and    Aggracyst)
Tori Fixx & Johnny Dangerous - Area Code 404 (2004)
Tori Fixx - Take Care of U (2002)
Tori Fixx - Code Red (2007)
No Time - Gay Gangstas (1997)
Common - Between Me, You & Liberation (2002)
Soce - Movin' On (2006)
Soce - I Am So Gay (2005)
Anthony Antoine - Dontueva (2005)
Salvimex - Tributo A Mi Tierra (2006)
Team Gina - ButchFemme (2007)
Melange Lavonne - Gay Bash (2007)
Delacruz - Gay Pride (2006)

Part 3     72:24
Mz Fontaine - Wavin' da Flag (2006)
John Callahan Interview
Age of Consent - Gay History Rap (1982)
Age of Consent - Schizo Rap (1982)
John Sugar Interview
Jon Sugar - Gay Type Thang (1984)
Cyryus - The Immaculate Deception (1998)
Katasrophe - Oh, No (2005)
JFP - Straight Bitches (2006)
Scream Club - And You Belong to Me (2006)
BALLS - Boy Watcher (1992)
Gay Boy Ric - I'm da Beastie Gay (late 90s)
Scott Thompson - Dear Marshall (2000)
Sudden Death - I'm Not a Man (1995)
Alan Lett & Ben Shallenberger - From Now On (2004)
Qboy - Q.B.O.Y (Is Just So Fly) / Moxie / Coming Out  2 Party (2007)
Aaron-Carl - Bring It On (2002)
Cazwell - I Buy My Socks on 14th Street (2006)
Tim'm T West - Soulmate (2007)
Deadlee - Good Soldier II (2006)
Bigg Nugg - My Family (2007, with Qboy & Deadlee)

Read the script for the show...

At right, posters for the documentary "Pick Up the Mic" and the Houston version of the poster for the historic Homo Revolution Tour 2007, the first regional gay hip hop tour, which trekked through ten cities in the Southwest during March & April 2007.

Pick Up the Mic
Homo Revolution Tour 2007

"Pick Up the Mic" poster

One of the challenges of this show was one inherent to the genre itself, the language. As Part 1 is the segment for airing on broadcast radio, I reluctantly had to do a little editing...you'll probably know when...and select very carefully the songs used. But the luxury of having a large website allows me to upload additional segments, with no language restrictions, so Part 2 and Part 3 are very adult, complete with the explicit language and sexual references. You've been warned...:) And of course, with featuring over 38 different artists I was not able to share complete versions of most of the songs, but it should give you a great taste of the genre. There were many more I wish I could have included in these almost 3 1/2 hours.

Homo Revolution Tour 2007 , Houston poster

In Memoriam: John Callahan, of the band Age of Consent,
who I interviewed for Part 3, died in February 2013, age 68.
Part 1

Bigg Nugg's "La Revolucion" CD, 2007  Man Parrish  Bigg Nugg

Above left and right, Bigg Nugg starts and ends my 3+ hour special. His 2007 debut album, "La Revolucion," features seven different guest artists, demonstrating the collaborative spirit of queer hip hop. Shown in the middle is Man Parrish. Many credit his song "Hip Hop Be Bop" from 1984 as the first gay hip hop song.

Age of Consent CD   "English as a Second Language" LP, 1983

I consider the trio Age of Consent as the first gay rap group and with recording the first gay rap song. In 1981 they first performed "Fight Back," and it was included in the 1983 compilation "English as a Second Language." Part 3 of this show features an interview with John Callahan, who is shown below, with Thea Other and (right) David Hughes. A collection of their music was released in 2004, called "Old School on the Down Low."

Age of Consent's John Callahan, Thea Other and David Hughes

Me'Shell Ndegeocello's CD single "Leviticus:  Faggot"  Me'Shell Ndegeocello  Queen Pen

Above, Me'Shell Ndegeocello's bold song "Leviticus: Faggot" captured lots of attention in 1996, and the next year she joined Queen Pen on the even bolder "Girlfriend." That song is way too explicit for radio, but the lyrics can be heard clearly in Part 2.

Tori Fixx Interview

Singer, writer, producer, DJ, remixer...Tori Fixx has been pioneering gay rap and hip hop for many years, including a slew of solo releases, serving as a member of the group Rainbow Flava and producer and collaborator on more tracks than even he can remember. And, he was a featured artist in the documentary "Pick Up the Mic" and the Homo Revolution Tour 2007. I'm pleased to bring you an interview where he talks about his music, the genre, homophobia, the future of gay hip hop and more.

Tori Fixx recording collage

Tori in "Pick Up the Mic"

Tori collage, with the two shots with the armband from 2005, at the Outmusic Awards

Deep Dickollective  Deep Dickollective

An act important to the history of gay hip hop is Deep Dickollective, also known as D/DC. The act was formed in early 2000 by Juba Kalamka, Tim'm T West and Phillip Atiba Goff, and a number of others have contributed over the years. They have been called intellectual architects of homohop as they deftly serve up their politics and beats with a barage of polysyllabic words. This is a group that takes close listening.

Deep Dickollective  Deep Dickollective CD

Added June2023: Link to a Terrific article
on Juba Kalamka and his Hip-Hop World

Below, some of the bright new stars of gay hip hop: Deadlee, Johnny Dangerous,
and God-des & She

Deadlee's 2002 CD  Deadlee  Deadlee's 2004 CD

Johnny Dangerous CD  Johnny Dangerous   Johnny Dangerous CD

God-des & She  God-Des CD "Reality"  God-des & She

While the song "Love You Better" is not released yet, I couldn't resist grabbing it from their myspace page.

Perhaps the godfather of gay hip hop, Dutchboy, shown below with his music partner Shante Paradigm, who are called BQE. While queer hip hop goes back to the early 80s, it wasn't until around 1996 that a community would evolve, mostly due to the efforts of Dutchboy. He founded the group Rainbow Flava and reached out to other queer artists, and founded Phat Family, a record label largely responsible for giving exposure to many artists with their series of three compilation albums.

BQE album  Shante Paradigm & Dutchboy

Shante & Dutchboy, 2003, grainy photo by JD  Dutchboy

Above left, a shot I took of Shante & Dutchboy at the Outmusic Awards in 2003,
where he was given an honorary award. At right, Deadlee missed the photo
shoot for their duet on "No Flagz Allowed."

Phat Family compilation Vol. 1  Phat Family compilation Vol.  2  Phat Family compilation Vol.  3

Two additional special interviews:

On April 2, 2007 I did a phone interview during Queer Voices, on KPFT, with Deadlee and Homo Revolution Tour manager Camilo Arenivar. (18:46) Click to Hear It.

In August of 2003 Miss Money & Dutchboy visited Jimmy Carper's After Hours show on KPFT, and I was pleased to take part in the interview. This is the entire 1 hour & 9 minutes of this segment, from which clips were taken for the film "Pick Up the Mic." Click to Hear It.

  "Pick Up the Mic" banner

The Homo Revolution Tour 2007 CD features most of the artists who took part in the tour, a great
introduction to the current world of queer hip hop. Pass your cursor over the cover to see the back.