Johnny Delgada & Darren

2 by Nedra Johnson

Last Session & Alix Olson

Fred Barton & Wishing Chair

Dynamic Superiors & Ferron

God Shave the Queen and Amasong

Clark Carlton & Therapy Sisters

Positive Voices & Marry Me

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Tret Fure & Ivy Bottini

Rosy's Bar & Grill and Pansy Division

Steve Snelling & Joi Cardwell

Gwen Avery & Martin Swinger

Labrys & Fruit Cocktail

2 by Rachael Sage

Troy Perry & Kevin Aviance

Ellis & Miss Money

My seventh anniversary show features an
exclusive interview with women's music pioneer Tret Fure, with candid comments about her long career, and her music.
"Bear Music"...a 6-hour marathon tribute to the music of the Bear Community, including interviews with Greg Hudson, Martin Swinger, Freddy Freeman and more.
Two great interviews, with Beth Caurant, the founder of pioneering women's rock band Lilith, and recent talent powerhouse Levi Kreis, plus Automatic Pilot, Alive and more.
Gay Hip Hop...with exclusive interviews with Tori Fixx, and others, plus info on the film "Pick Up the Mic" and the Homo Revolution Tour 2007. Almost 3 1/2 hours!
Transgender Music Special, Part 1. With Christine Jorgensen, a Jewel Box Revue/82 Club showgirl Terry Noel, and the all TG rock band, Lipstick Conspiracy.
Transgender Music Special, Part 2. With interviews with singer/actress Alexandra Billings and Lucas Silveira, the transman leader of Canadian rock band The Cliks.

Transgender Music Special, Part 3. Special interviews this time with acoustic duo Coyote Grace and song and dance transman Joshua Klipp.

Transgender Music Special, Part 4. This time jazz musician Jennifer Leitham is in the spotlight, of course along with other goodies.
Another "Songs I've Been Meaning To Play" Show, which looks at Maxine Feldman, Joe Meek, Anita Bryant and a Special Tribute close to my heart.
Queer Blues, from Ma Rainey to Little Richard to Long John Baldry to Janis Joplin, a look at early blues by gay, lesbian and bisexual artists, from 1925 up until 1970.
Songs About AIDS. Music by gay and straight artists of many genres covering the different emotional, social and political aspects of the crisis, in a three-hour show.
Of course during my December show I showcase the best of Queer Xmas Music ...who knows what this season will bring, but it's the music you won't be sick of by now.
Scandelle & Elaine Townsend Divine & 4D-Ykes Jay Spears & Ari Gold