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Christopher Dallman


In 2005 I interviewed Christopher about "Race the Light" (17 min)

Click to Hear It


Above, Christopher with Chris Wilson & JD Doyle, at Chicago House Concert, 2005


 Mike Rickard


Below, JD and Mike, Chicago 2005

Brett Every

Brett's two CDs: "Camping Out," 2008, and "Fairy Godmother's Gone to Vegas," 2009


Sensing a trend, I submitted the design below for Brett's next CD...

Click to see Brett's very cool video.....

Dylan Rice



Dylan's song "The Lie" appeared on the excellent 2007 compilation "Music With a Twist: Revolutions"

Below, candid shots in Chicago, 2005

Above & Below, Dylan with Christopher Dallman, and me

Below, double shots of Dylan at Houston Pride, June 2006



Above, Dylan and Chuck at Queer Is Folk 3

Chuck Panozzo was a big help to Dylan with his song "Faces of Victory,"

and it appeared on the Gay Games VII Comp, and was released as a digital single

Richard Cortez

Above, cover shot for "Craving Something Beautiful" CD

He Loves Me Not   Live at the Red Room

Sleeping With Strangers, 2010, digital only release

Below, I met Richard at a NYC Open Mic in 2004

No, I didn't take the two below, but would have loved to...

Jeff Heiskell

Soundtrack for an Aneurism, 2007   Clip-On Nose Ring, 2009

Jeff Heiskell was front man for The Judybats, which had seven releases from 1990 to 2000

The Judybats

When Southern Bells Ring, single 1990Native Son, 1992Down in the Shacks Where the Satellite Dishes Grow, 1992Daylight, maxi-single 1992The JudybatsPain Makes You Beautiful, 1993Full-Empty, 1994Judybats '00, 2000