August 2002
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The Music Of
Dan Martin & Michael Biello
Special Feature Interview
With Dan Martin

Below, "Human Being" 1992

"Human Being"

Artists' Profiles

Dan Martin and Michael Biello have been partners in love, art, music and theatre for 27 years. Their songs have been performed from LaMama to Lincoln Center, on ABC, PBS, and a variety of recordings. "Q," a musical revue featuring 16 of their original songs, recently enjoyed an extended run at Chicago's Bailiwick Repertory Theatre and includes the award winning "Clones In Love" as well as "You Do Not Know Me," nominated for a 2000 GLAMA Award for Best Theatre Song. Their music "Breathe," which premiered in Chicago in 1999, won the After Dark Award for Outstanding New Work.

Martin and Biello began working together as members of Group Motion Multimedia Dance Theater in the mid 1970's. They have collaborated consistently on dance/theatre/music pieces including "Two Men Dancing" with Ishmael Houston-Jones (1976-80), "Sanctuary" with Jim Self (1993) and "Claire" with Melanie Stewart (1996). They have appeared throughout the U.S. in their original performance art musicals, including "Homo Love Song," and a film based on their song "The Dance" has been screened worldwide including the Berlin Film Festival and the Museum of Modern Art. Their critically acclaimed musical "X-Posed" was performed in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and San Francisco in 1984 & 1985. [courtesy of their press bio]

Dan at an Outmusic Open Mic

At an Outmusic Open Mic, in June, 2002. Above, Dan at the keyboards, and, below, Bill Gross singing one of Dan & Michael's songs from their next project, a musical called "David's Heart"

Bill Gross at an Outmusic Open Mic

Michael Biello & Ishmael Houston-Jones

Vito Russo and Barry Laine

Dan & Michael, June 2000, photo by JD Doyle

Dan (left) and Michael, Photo by JD, June 2002


Above, "X-Posed," 1985; Below, "Chosen Family," 1996

"Chosen Family"

Kevin Hannan, Jon Gilbert Leavitt, Ed Mannix, Dan Martin

One of Dan's finest contributions to our music culture is in the founding of Outmusic. Dan is above, with the current board (left to right) Kevin Hannan, Jon Gilbert Leavitt, and Ed Mannix.

CDs by Richard Foltz & Amy FixCDs by Grant King

Dan is also a noted producer and co-producer of albums for other artists. Four examples above are:
Richard Foltz-"A Songwriter's Christmas" 1996 Amy Fix-"Spoon" 2001 Grant King-"Let Love Out" 1994 Grant King-"Bodies of Water" 2000

and, below, the first album Dan appeared on, as a performer, Tom Wilson Weinberg's "All American Boy," 1982

Tom Wilson's "All American Boy"

Below and left, two rare photos of Michael Biello (from The Advocate, November 27, 1980) as a member of the dance group Two Men Dancing. According to the Advocate article, written by Barry Laine, the group has been "using dance, music, narrative and visuals to create performance works that explore the personal dimension--looking at male and gay male identity in very upfront ways." Dan & Michael met through working with this group, and Dan contributed much of its music.

Michael Biello & Ishmael Houston-Jones

Lower left photo:
Vito Russo (left) and Barry Laine, 1981. Laine, a founder of The Glines
gay theatre company, was one of Dan and Michael's early mentors. His death was the inspiration for their song "The Dance," as Laine was the first person they knew well who died of AIDS. [Russo was a noted gay film historian and author of "The Celluloid Closet." He also died of AIDS, in 1990]

 Playlist: (airdate August 26, 2002)
 the dance (1992,"Human Being")
 Feature Interview: Dan Martin
 you do not know me ("Human Being")
 in my body (1996, "Chosen Family")
 one boy (from "Chosen Family")
 what we believe is right ("Chosen
    Family," with Grant King and
    Robin Burdulis)
 table 3 (from "Q,"
    by Chicago cast member)
 more of you (sung by Bill Gross, at an
    Outmusic Open Mic, 6/3/02)
 Interview comment by Grant King
 Interview comment by Amy Fix

 lay your burden down (1995, with
    Lavender Light Gay & Lesbian Choir,
    from "A Love Worth Fighting For")

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"Homo Love Song"

Above, "Homo Love Song," 1990

Dan, from the liner notes for "A Love Worth Fighting For"

Dan & Michael, 2000

At the 2000 GLAMAs: (above) Dan & Michael (below) Tom Bogdan & Michael

Tom Bogdan and Michael Biello

Dan produced the CD "Spoon" for Amy Fix (below right, with Susan Abod at the Outmusic Awards in June 2002)

Artist Links:
Martin & Biello
Grant King
Amy Fix

Outmusic...check it out

CDs by Robert Leuze and Tom Bogdan

Above right, Robert Leuze performed three of Dan and Michael's songs on his 1998 album "Songs of Our Lives," and, left, Tom Bogdan's version of their song "You Do Not Know Me" was nominated in 2000 for a GLAMA Award for Cast Recording. Below, the essential various artists CD "A Love Worth Fighting For" contained their classic song
"Lay Your Burden Down"

CD "A Love Worth Fighting For," 1995

Below, logos for their recent musicals "Q, The Songs of Martin & Biello,"
and the award-winning "Breathe"



Click Here for larger scans of the cassettes, including some lyrics


Their latest recording, the Philadelphia Cast Recording of "Breathe," 2005