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Therese Edell -- Pat Parker

Grant King

Sonia --"Love Worth.."

Casse Culver -- Kate Clinton

Julian Clary - Judy Fjell

John Gilbert Leavitt - Seattle GMC

Leah Zicari -- Jan Tilley


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Elliot PIlshaw -- June Millington

Teresa Trull - Conan

Jose Sarria -- Sue Fink

Lucie Blue Tremblay -- Y'All

Worm -- Paul Wagner

Madeline Davis

Special interview with Jamie Anderson,
focusing on her career and her new CD, "Listen." Interview with the 4D-Ykes from Minneapolis.
Interviews spotlighting new CDs from Tom McCormack, Mark Weigle, and the Bootlickers. Plus an unreleased song by Steven Grossman.
An All Australian Special, with special interviews with Judy Small, Peter Hicks, and Nikki Mortier of the Lavender Blues.
Maxine Feldman recorded the first openly lesbian 45rpm record, "Angry Atthis." Hear her talk about it in my special interview, along with comments by Robin Tyler and Boo Price.
Special Interview with Alix Dobkin, who produced the first album entirely produced, engineered, and performed by lesbians.
Anne Engel is the Featured Artist, plus mini-interviews with Yvonne Perea and Ann Reed. And: Isis, Valentino, Jewel Akens, and queer songs by Neil Sedaka
Salute to the Outmusic Awards. Music from all the winners, and more; and pages and pages of photos from the event and access to other OMA broadcasts.
Two of the pioneers of gay male music are Dan Martin and Michael Biello. This show features an extensive interview with Dan and a salute to their music.
"Straight Artists, Queer Songs"
A special look at how heterosexual artists have sang about gay subjects.
Special "Coming Out Day" show, focusing on Queer Music That Rocks, with some you know, and some you should know
Gender Benders, Part 1.. A look with love and humor at female impersonators and transgender artists from the 60s to date, with a special interview with Yolanda.
Gender Benders, Part 2...I just had too many rare and fun recordings that wouldn't fit in the last show; had to do it again. This one includes a Battle of the Bette Davis Impersonators.
Queer Xmas Special. Two shows this year! Interview clips with Lisa Koch, the Therapy Sisters, Richard Foltz, Dan Martin, Grant King, Dennis Hensley, & Happy Charles. Lots of rare treats!
Sam Harris -- Queer Conscience

Jimmy James - Rus McCoy

Scott Free - Heartstrings

Ted Fox -- Keith Christopher