August 2010
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Troy Walker Interview

Troy Walker arrived in L.A. in 1958 and became a club singer right away, and he began recording around 1961. He was a popular entertainer up into the 80s, and while he took a break for a while, he's still performing. That's about 50 years, and definitely makes him one of our music pioneers. And he's got lots of stories to tell, about Jerry Lee Lewis, Leon Russell, Cher, Phil Spector, Johnnie Ray, and many more. I like best of all that he was a flamboyant entertainer and never compromised by toning down his style. He recorded a "man singing to a man" song on his
1964 album, and while that stalled the recording part of his career, he never looked back.
He just turned 72 and I'm delighted to bring you this interview.

Part 1 - 65:53
Troy Walker - Stardust / My Prayer (1965)
Troy Walker Interview
Troy Walker - She's All Right / I'm Gettin' Hip (1961)
Troy Walker - Summertime (1962)
Troy Walker - Midnight in Moscow (1962)
Troy Walker - Sinner Man (1964)
Troy Walker - Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe (1964)
Troy Walker - Rescue me (medley) (1965)
Troy Walker - Marijuana Munchies (1977)
Troy Walker - My Friend Is Gone (1977)
Troy Walker - Country Soul & Rock & Roll (1977)
Johnnie Ray & Timi Yuro - I Believe (1962, part)
Troy Walker - No Regrets (1964, Live LP)

Above, August 2010, Photo by Chris Wilson
Below, September 2010, Photo by JD Doyle

I got to see Troy perform in September 2010, and he was Terrific!
I got lots of photos, see the Gallery

Bonus Interview
Troy Walker Interviewed by Chris Wilson
on IMRU on KPFK Radio, 90.7FM
9/13/10, Los Angeles, 16:18 minutes
QMH Parts 2 & 3
From time to time on Queer Music Heritage I like to feature songs that don't really fit into any theme, so the rest of this month will be another one of my Songs I've Been Meaning To Play shows. It's Volume #9. As I was digging deep into the 60s for my Troy Walker show, well, I was in the mood to keep digging, and really highlight obscurities from the early years of our music.

Part 2 - 69:53
Johnnie Ray - How Long, How Long Blues (1957)
Johnnie Ray - Little White Cloud That Cried / Cry (1951)
Jewel Akens - Birds and the Bees (1965, clip)
Jewel Akens - He's Good For Me (1973)
Jewel Akens Interview (2010)
Charlie & Ray - I Love You Madly (1954)
Charlie & Ray - Dearest One (1955)
Petite Swanson - My Jockey Knows How To Ride (1947)
Eleventh Hour - Nasty (1974)
Eleventh Hour - Lady Marmalade (1974)
Kenneth Marlowe - About His Callhouse Days
Kenneth Marlowe - Parlor Jokes (late 60s)
John Andersson - Stranger In My Bed (1987)
John Andersson - Keep Your Hands Off (1987)
Conan - Tell Ol' Anita (1979)
Conan - Shameless In High Drag (1979)
Conan - Gypsy (2009)
Conan - Passing Stranger (1979)
Paul DuBois - Last Night's Man (1976)
Lisa Hartman - Johnny's Always On My Mind (1982)

Part 3 67:30
Thelma Houston - One Out Of Six (1976)
Tom Robinson & Café Society - Glad To Be Gay (1976)
Another Pretty Face - He'll Fall (1972)
Another Pretty Face - Da Doo Ron Ron (1972)
Stash Carter - I Didn't Go To Your Wedding (1952)
Stash Carter - Trees (1952)
Lambert Murphy & Orpheus Quartet - I Can Always Find a Little Sunshine in the YMCA (1918)
University Six - What a Man (1926)
Billy Murray - Honey Boy (1907)
Unknown Lesbian Group - What's Your Name? (late 70s)
Scrumbly & Martin - Hots for a Hustler (1974)
Robert Campbell - Dreamboy (1977)
Anthony Louis - Fantasy (1976)
Eric Bentley - The Queen of 42nd Street (1970)
Peter Laughner - In the Bar (70s)
Rev JM Gates - Manish Women (1930)
Paul Lynde - from Hollywood Squares (1974)
Blossom Dearie - Bruce (1984)

And, in 2019 there's a documentary about Troy!
Read about it
See their Facebook Page for news and many clips!

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