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I have set up special pages for

Vesta Tilley
Ella Shields
Hetty King
Gladys Bentley
Billy Tipton
Beverly Shaw
Storme Delavarie
Betty Thornton


Anderson Toone Collage

Some trivia: the UK "sound magazine" Komotion has the honor of doing the
only commercial CD release of a Bucktooth Varmints track,
a live version of "Brylcreem Blues."

Leigh Crow & Mighty Slim Pickins Collage  


Above, Leigh stared as Divina in the new production of the Cockettes musical "Vice Palace" (2011)


Wood Collage

Gwen Farrar

click below for a rare 1924 silent flim clip of Gwen Farrar
and Norah Blaney, and notice their intimacy


Vesta Tilley

Ella Shields

Hetty King

Original Bessie Brown

Lillyn Brown


Gladys Bentley

Billy Tipton

Beverly Shaw

Mona's was a very popular lesbian bar in San Francisco in the 1940's. Above, male
impersonators and performers between sets at the club, with Beverly Shaw seated, center.
The photo below, circa 1945, shows Shaw at Mona's. Standing (left to right): "Butch," Jan Jansen,
Kay Scott, Jimmy Reynard; Seated: (left to right) "Mike," Beverly Shaw, unidentified, "Mickey."

Above and below, Miss Jimmy Reynard (sometimes found spelled Renard)

Here's more on Jimmy Reynard. While I do not own any recordings of her,
here's proof a demo at least exists. Label images courtesy of Tyler Alpern

Storme Delaverie

Faith Nolan

Some of the Tilley, Shields & King tracks can be found on these albums

Other Recommended Resources


an excellent DVD on Drag Kinging