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Ray Bourbon

My show for May 2010 was devoted entirely
to The Pansy Craze, Click to hear it.



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Below, with Mae West in 1950


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Jewel Box Lounge

NOTE: near the end of his career....

and was used in his trial, hence the "state's exhibit" stamp on the last page

Jewel Box Lounge

Jewel Box Lounge postcard

For Deep research on Rae, you should see this site....

From Bourbon scholar Don Romesburg...



  For more on Rae Bourbon see my section on this book,

by clicking here.

and for the Real source of Ray Bourbon info, check the site below

Click for site devoted to Ray Bourbon

and, (June 2017) there's a book.........

early reviews by my friends on Facebook who have researched Bourbon are mixed.
Here's what I posted there:

As I'm a fanatic about Bourbon I read this with a critical eye. It surely is an interesting read,..... though I had some qualms. I think my main criticism is that often I wondered if the author drifted into making stuff up....I mean, ALL those meticulous details about things only Ray would know...I very often wondered, did it become a fiction book? Some nice name dropping though (people love that)....

And some footnotes (there were none) would have added some credibility, the bibliography is a bit vague, and the discography could have been more thorough, I know....picky, picky....but historians want things to be correct.

below, I reposted my review on Facebook, and it garnered these comments