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Ray Bourbon Albums & 45's

New! The Internet Archive has much expanded their section on Bourbon's LPs & 78s,
with many sound files

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10" releases 


Large Scans of UTC1


LP                                                                                 10" release


Large Scans of UTC2


LP                                                                                 10" release


Large Scans of UTC3


LP                                                                                   10" release


Large Scans of UTC4


LP                                                                                 10" release


Large Scans of UTC5


LP                                                                                 10" release


Large Scans of UTC6




Large Scans of UTC7




Large Scans of UTC8




Large Scans of UTC9

UTC 10



Large Scans of UTC10

Jewel Box 3001



Large Scans of Jewel Box 3001

LP Box Set UTC-50.................VERY rare!


Large Scans of Box Set UTC-50

45 rpm Set, Lasses, 1957
These were released as a set of three 45s, in a cardboard tri-fold album, with no writing on the inside

This single release followed (one reference says 1957), with no printed sleeve

Yes! It Is Ray Bourbon
Promo pressing only

Hear it at the Internet Archive


and, I don't intend to give the ultimate Ray Bourbon Discography,
that's been done and quite well, by Randy Riddle, at HIS SITE,
"Don't Call Me Madame, the Life and Work of Ray Bourbon"

Mysteries & Theories

Was there ANY rhyme or reasoning the UTC releases? And do we really know what years they individually were released? And what about his use of Rae instead of Ray? The first real "hype" reason to use Rae would be the Operation, #7, but #1 has it. I guess we can assume all the 10 inchers were issued first, and they all say Ray.

UTC 1 Rae
UTC 2 Rae on front, Ray on back, Rae on disc
UTC 3 Ray (advertizes UTC 1-10)
UTC 4 Rae (advertizes UTC 1-10)
UTC 5 Rae (advertizes UTC 1-10)
UTC 6 Ray on front, Rae on back, Rae on disc (ads 1-10)
UTC 7 Rae (ads UTC 1-10) [operation in 1956? Per El Paso newspaper]
UTC 8 Rae (ads UTC 1-10)
UTC 9 Rae (ads UTC 1-10)
UTC 10 Rae (ads UTC 1-10)

10" releases:
UTC 1-10" Ray
UTC 2-10" Ray
UTC 3-10" Ray (advertizes UTC 1-6)
UTC 4-10" Ray (advertizes UTC 1-6)
UTC 5-10" no first name on jacket, Ray on disc
UTC 6-10" Ray (advertizes UTC 1-5)

I think I'm ready to accept that ALL the 10" releases were done first, then the 12" albums started, and so did Rae. To compound the mystery is the advertizing of other releases on the album back jackets. The 10" advertizing seems to be only mentioning the other 10" releases, backing up the idea that they were done first. But how could, for example for the 10" ones, #3 and #4 advertize all 6? So, for the ten inchers, at least 3-6 were done together. And note they do Not advertize any LPs. And the LPs…starting with #3, all ten are advertized, which does not make sense unless the last eight were released at the same time.

So, it "could" have happened in these steps, like this..
UTC 1-10"
UTC 2-10"
A batch of UTC 3-6, 10"
A batch of LPs 3-10

Yes, I know, how could any artist afford to release 8 LPs at the same time, but how else would #3 know about #10? But his LPs apparently sold well, as they show up on eBay all the time. With all my newspaper archive research, I never found any mention of the release of the recordings that would tie to any year. If anyone can verify when a particular LP or 10" was released I would love to hear about it.