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Part 4 - 62:00
Bigg Nugg - BPA (Bear Pride Anthem '07) (2007)
Bigg Nugg - Sweat (2006)
LeRoy Lamb - Dominate Me (2006)
Don Harvey - Otter (2004)
Don Harvey - Queer Cowboy Lament (2004)
Mike Ator - Have You Met Lonely (2006)
Mike Ator - Angel Beside Me (2006)
Freddy Freeman Interview, continued
Freddy Freeman - I'm Here I'm Queer I'm Country (2004)
Freddy Freeman - Outmusic (2006)
Freddy Freeman - Village Crawl (2006)
Yolanda - I Wanna Know (2004, live)
Charlie K Brown - For My Best Friend (2006)
Godplead - If (2006)
BEARatones - Exit 5 Rest Stop (2006)
Jeffrey Altergott - My Handy Man
    Ain't Handy No More (1997)
Jeffrey Altergott - Damn Love (2004)

LeRoy Lamb

Canadian LeRoy Lamb's debut album "Dancing on the Shores of Reason" was released in 2006, and I couldn't resist playing his song "Dominate Me," which is also found on "Bear Tracks 3." Again, I highly recommend all the "Bear Tracks" CDs, from Woobie Bear Music

Bigg Nugg

Ohio bear Bigg Nugg (aka Jose Ramirez Jr) starts out this segment with some gay hip hop, of a bear variety. His "BPA (Bear Pride Anthem '07)" will be on his upcoming CD "La Revolucion," and "Sweat" comes from the "Bear Tracks 4" compilation

Bigg Nugg - La Revolucion

Bigg Nugg is also part of the Homo Revolution Tour, blazing through the country this Spring, in the company of Deadlee, Tori Fixx and many others

LeRoy Lamb

Don Harvey  Don Harvey        Mike Ator

Don Harvey's album from 2004 was appropriately called "Just Having Some Good, Clean, Fun." And Mike Ator
(above and below right) is a Houston artist, who so far just has a 2-song demo, but really needs to do a full album.

Freddy Freeman   Mike Ator

Above left, Freddy Freeman at his CD release party, well, he should be proud. And below,
taken the first time I met Freddy, just playing his guitar in March of 2002 at the apartment
of Ed Mannix, in NYC. That's Kevin Hannan in the background enjoying the music.

Freddy Freeman, March 2002

And then there's Yolanda. Freddy and Toshio Mana back her up at a 2004 Bearapalooza.

Yolanda  Yolanda  Yolanda

Charlie K Brown  Charlie K Brown

I want to thank Freddy Freeman for providing me with demos by two promising Nashville artists,
Charlie K. Brown (above) and Godplead. Godplead is a duo whose lead vocalist is an openly gay bear.

Godplead  Godplead


Above and below left, Seattle's The BEARatones. They are working on their debut album.

BEARatones   Jeffrey Atergott

Above right, Chicago area artist Jeffrey Altergott, and below his three albums:
"Little Blue Record Player" (1997), "Icarus Grounded" (2000), and "Runt" (2004)

Jeffrey Altergot CD  Jeffrey Altergot CD  Jeffrey Altergot CD

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