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Above right, Mark Weigle not only gave the songs "Bears," heard in Part 2, but also on his latest album is the song "Buddy Got Gut." That's from his award-winning double CD "Soulsex (Wrestling the Angel/Versatile)," from 2005. Mark has never been afraid to push the envelope when dealing with issues in our community.

Mark Weigle's "Soulsex" CD

Part 5 - 60:00
Mark Weigle - Buddy Got Gut (2005)
Sally Strugglers - Big Boy (1996)
Pink Steel - More to Love (2007)
Elijah Black - Bleed for You (2004)
Kub65 - Blackbear (1995)
Kub65 - Apricot Hanky (2001)
Cubsound - I Saw Him Once (2006)
Kerry Land - Sante Fe (2002)
Cowboy Dick - Cowboy Butts (1999)
Shannon Grady - Paul & Gene (2006)
Shannon Grady - Falling (2006)
Ernest David Lijoi - The Sweet Side of Goodbye (2000)
Ernest David Lijoi, on "Chandler Street" (2002)
Ernest David Lijoi - Chandler Street (2002)
MusicBear - Homophobia (2000)
Kenny Lockwood - Tin Angel (2001)
Nekked - How Come You Don't Love Me (2006)

The Sally Strugglers     Pink Steel, gay heavy metal

I don't know much about the Sally Strugglers, but their 1996 7" 45rpm record included a song prasing the glories of their "Big Boy." And the song clip "More to Love" is from the upcoming CD by NYC act Pink Steel, should be interesting. Below is a real rocker, Elijah Black, from Ohio. His 2004 release was "Naked 'Gainst the Sky."

Elijah Black  Elijah Black  Elijah Black

"Throat" CD  Kub65  "Hanky Panky" CD

Houston artist Kub65 has been cranking out his home studio albums of erotic dance-oriented music for about 20 years. The two albums shown above are "Throat '93 - '97" (1998) and "Hanky Panky" (2000). The latter has 10 songs about 10 different hanky colors. You have to use Mancheck to enter site, to see, oh, several, candid pics.

Cubsound  Cubsound

Above, Cubsound, froom Montreal is just starting out, and has several good demos on his myspace site, and Kerry Land (below), out of Kansas City release his 7-song CD in 2002. At right he performs at a Bearapalooza event.

Kerry Land  Kerry Land CD  Kerry Land

Cowboy Dick

Cowboy Dick is one of the artists on the Nashville label Cubby Hole Records label, with two CDs
under his belt so far, "Wrap the Rascal" and "Shoot That Thang." The FCC would not be
amused. Sadly, Cowboy Dick, aka Uncle Buzzy and Ken Renales passed away in August of 2008.

Shannon Grady CD "Ten Years"  Shannon Grady

I just love the pic of Shannon Grady on the above right, and his debut album, called "Ten Years."

Ernest David Lijoi     3 CDs by Ernie Lijoi

Ernest David Lijoi released three wonder albums between 1997 and 2000: "Parody Romantic" (1997), "Bliss" (1999), and "Better Days" (2000) and I highly recommend them all. I've heard that he's stopped recording so you may want to pick these up while you can.

Ray MusicBear BakerKenny Lockwood

II brought back MusicBear for an encore for this segment, singing "Homophobia," from 2000.
And I couldn't resist playing Bearapalooza performer Kenny Lockwood's song "Tin Angel,"
the title track from his 2001 debut album. His new CD, "Strong Love" was released March 2007.

Kenny Lockwood's "Strong Love"

Nekked  Nekked  Nekked

The last act for this segment is Nekked, and they are JC Faust and Michael Flyte.
The released a 6-song CD last year and their full length CD is brand new this Spring.

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