February 2011
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Welcome to Queer Music History 101. This is a special edition
of my radio show and website Queer Music Heritage. I'm designing this show as sort of
a study guide, or lesson plan, and I hope it appeals to those LGBT Studies courses now
found at many universities around the country. So this is a two-hour crash course, and
you have no idea how difficult it was to keep it to that, as I've been doing my QMH show
for over ten years, and have about 250 hours of programs archived on my site. I'll be
using short song clips, 65 of them, but in this section I have links to full versions of the
songs, and also to more in-depth information. The "Click to Listen" buttons at the upper
right allow for the streaming or downloading of the segments.

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QMH 101 Flipbook

The Lesson
Can be viewed in the Flipbook above, or on the website,
at the links below
Including Song Information, Questions & References

Lesson, Part 1, 1926 - 1977
Lesson, Part 2, 1973 - 1985
Recommended Books, and Notes

The Why and How of This Lesson

The driving force of my radio show and site has always been that I do not think
gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender music of the past should be forgotten.
Several years ago I was asked to write an essay for a university music journal on
"Queer Music Radio: Entertainment, Education, and Activism," and I think that article
really fleshes out the importance of this subject area.

Click to read Boston University Journal Essay

The music history of LGBT culture is largely forgotten, and this is a unique area that
should not be, as it reflects a culture itself that until the last few decades has been invisible.
In their music artists describe their lives, and their struggles with a variety of life issues,
just like straight people, and understanding brings acceptance.

How can this material be used? I am not a university professor so would not
presume in that realm, but the two-hour lesson can be streamed or, as I envisioned it,
downloaded for listening later, as an assignment. As all songs can be streamed
individually they could be heard and discussed in class if desired…it seems everyone
has laptops these days.

I have inserted questions on various subject areas into the
segments themselves and those are also shown on the Song Information pages.
Certainly professors will think of additional ones to highlight particular areas they wish
to stress. I would love feedback when this "lesson" is used in class, not only because
it would be interesting to see where and how it is used, but also to receive suggestions
on ways to improve it.


Part 1 - 59:16
Merrit Brunies & His Friar's Inn Orchestra - Masculine Women, Feminine Men (1926)
Ma Rainey - Prove It On Me Blues (1928)
Bessie Jackson (Lucille Bogan) - B.D. Woman's Blues (1935)
Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon - My Daddy Rocks Me With One Steady Roll (1929)
Bing Crosby - Ain't No Sweet Man Worth the Salt of My Tears (1928)
Douglas Byng & Lance Lister - Cabaret Boys (1928)
Jean Malin - I'd Rather Be Spanish Than Manish (1931)
Bruz Fletcher - She's My Most Intimate Friend (1937)
Noel Coward - Green Carnation (1933)
Rae Bourbon - Let Me Tell You About My Operation (1956)
Jose Sarria - A Good Man Is Hard To Find (1960)
Chesterfield Cigarettes commercial (1950s)
Byrd E Bath - Homer the Happy Little Homo (1963)
Teddy & Darrel - Strangers In The Night (1966)
Lisa Ben - Frankie & Johnny (1960)
Troy Walker - Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe (1964)
Jackie Shane - Any Other Way (1963)
Billy Strayhorn - Lush Life (1964)
Frances Faye - Night And Day (1959)
Minette - LBJ, Don't Take My Man Away (1968)
Zebedy Colt - The Man I Love (1970)
Love Is A Drag - My Man (1966)
Mad About the Boy - Mad About the Boy (mid-60s)
Maxine Feldman - Angry Atthis (1972)
Madeline Davis - Stonewall Nation (1972)
Lavender Country - Back in the Closet Again (1973)
Doug Stevens & the Outband - Out in the Country (1993)
The Faggot - Women With Women, Men With Men (1973)
Let My People Come - I'm Gay (1974)
Chris Robison - Lookin' For A Boy Tonight (1973)
Steven Grossman - Out (1974)
Valentino - I Was Born This Way (1975)
Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way (1977)

Part 2 - 59:19
Sue Fink - Leaping Lesbians (1977)
Alix Dobkin - A Woman's Love (1973)
Teresa Trull - Woman-Loving Women (1977)
Meg Christian - Ode to a Gym Teacher (1974)
Cris Williamson - Sweet Woman (1975)
Holly Near - Imagine My Surprise (1978)
Berkeley Women's Music Collective - Gay and Proud (1976)
Lavender Blues - Lesbian Nation (1978)
Flying Lesbians - I'm a Lesbian, How About You? (1975)
Maxine Feldman - Amazon (1979)
David Bowie - Queen Bitch (1971)
Jobriath - I'maman (1974)
Mumps - Muscleboys (1978)
Rough Trade - High School Confidential (1981)
Tom Robinson Band - Glad to Be Gay (1978)
Charlie Murphy - Gay Spirit (1979)
Larry Paulette - What Makes a Man a Man (1977)
Jayne County - Are You Man Enough to Be a Woman (1978)
Tom Wilson Weinberg - My Leviticus (1979)
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - We Kiss in a Shadow (1981)
Village People - Y.M.C.A (1978)
Sylvester - You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (1979)
Alicia Bridges - I Love the Nightlife (1978)
David Sereda - Underage Blues (1981)
Judy Reagan - Hollywood Haircut (1983)
Christine Jorgensen - I Enjoy Being a Girl (1982)
La Cage Aux Folles - I Am What I Am (1983)
Romanovsky & Phillips - The Prince Charming Tango (1984)
Automatic Pilot - Safe Living in Dangerous Times (1984)
Age of Consent - History Rap (1982)
Tom Robinson - More Lives Than One (1984)
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (1984)
Holly Near comments (2010)
Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert - Singing For Our Lives (1983)

Click on the Artist Name for their website, if one is available