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"Cris Williamson: The Early Years," a listen to her rare albums from the mid-60s, a full ten years before her iconic album "The Changer and the Changed," which helped launch the Women's Music Movement. This is rare stuff, starting when she was still in high school.
Queer Music History 101 is a special project of QMH, designed as a lesson for use by University courses in LGBT Studies. The two-hour show includes 65 song clips and spans 1926 through 1985, but gee, you don't have to be taking a course to enjoy it.
"Gays in the Military: A Musical History" is this month's theme, and the show is a journey from the 1930's through to the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell, with varying slants on the issue, some comical, some heartfelt, and most political.
A different show, "Straight Artists, Queer Songs: The 1960's." This hour-long edition covers GLBT musical references about us as sung by those heterosexuals, some homophobic, some accepting, some just humorous.
And, a sequel to the April Show, "Straight Artists, Queer Songs: The 1970's," but this time with three hours of songs, some well-known, some obscure, all I hope interesting.
A special 2 1/2-hour tribute to the music of Steven Grossman, to help celebrate a CD of new music, released 20 years after his death; plus much unreleased material.

Part 1 brings you an exclusive interview with Sue Exley, the founder of the band Wicked Lady, one of the first all-lesbian bands in Europe. And Parts 2 & 3 complete another "Songs I've Been Meaning to Play" show.

"The Drag King Show," ….in two parts. First, the modern history, including interviews with Anderson Toone, Leigh Crow, and for a local touch, Robin Mack of the Houston Gendermyn. Part 2 honors the male impersonators, and others, who were the forefathers of modern Drag Kings.
"Transgender Music, Part 1"....3 hours, with interviews with Madsen Minax on his film "Riot Acts," and AJ Bryce on his project/website Trans-Genre, and then another hour of wonderful music by Trans artists.
"Transgender Music, Part 2"....3 more hours, starting off with an exclusive talk with Ryan Cassata, and then two more hours, of both the FTM and MTF variety.
Two in-depth interviews with Arnold McCuller and Gwen Avery. McCuller has been a solo artist and "backup singer to the stars" for over 35 years, and Avery is one of the pioneer blues artists of the Women's Music Movement.
Of course during my December show I showcase the best of Queer Xmas Music ...who knows what this year will bring, but I promise quality and a dash of obscurity. And, as I always say, this is the xmas music you Won't be sick of by now.