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Coronation Ball 1971

Imperial Court of San Francisco


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This is an impressive 70-page, half-inch thick softbound book,
with lots of Imperial Court, Tavern Guild and San Francisco
gay history documented. It included many photographs,
and many unfortunately were not identified...perhaps they
assumed their intended audience knew who the folks were.
Naturally, there is lots of Jose Sarria, the First Empress.

The program also included pages of photos of bars that were no more --
locations of former clubs, now closed, some now parking lots, some
now...or rather, then (1971)...different bars. I've included a section
at the end of larger scans of these shots. And I also did close-up
scans of most of the photos of Jose Sarria, who started it all.

Note, this is a rare chance to see documented history of the Tavern Guild, when it was still fresh...
as they tried to organize the gay community politically and socially, and to battle against
police harassment and restrictive laws.

Jose Sarria

Charlotte is shown later in the program, with her employees at The Mint

Below starts a series of photos, scattered through the book, of photos of former locations
of gay bars. They are numbered, with clues given, and answers appearing later

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Note: this is about a 140-page book. I scanned most of the pages, but omitted
some that were just pages of ads or a few pages of photos with poor quality images