This "wing" of my website has a dual focus. The Drag Artist Discography
tries to capture data on entertainers whose work was actually recorded, up through the present day.

And the Female Impersonation Galleries is for photos, memorabilia, etc,
for selected individual performers, where they achieved a certain prominence. The intent is certainly NOT to represent all, and this section does NOT include those with recordings...
see the Drag Artist Discography for that. And my interest is primarily pre-1980.

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Above, a quite famous photo with Tallulah Bankhead at Finocchio's, circa 1961

Left to Right, are Elton Paris; Ray de Young; Lucian; a man who looks like
Earl 'Father' Hines, jazz pianist; someone behind Tallulah; Jackie Phillips;
Kara Montez; and Tanya de Malina.

My info source is Aleshia Brevard, who starred at Finocchio's from 1959 to 1962, using
the name Lee Shaw. She says that Tallulah's visit happened on her night off,
and she was beside herself when she heard about it, and what else went
on later at Tallulah's hotel, the Fairmont.



yes, that's Curly of the Three Stooges


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Clubs & Misc Information

Club My-O-My
Club 82, NYC
Wonder Club, New Orleans
Finocchios, San Francisco
Andy's (Newburgh, NY)
Beige Room, SF
Diplomat Revue (Detroit)
Jewel Box Lounge, Kansas City
La Carrousel, Paris
Wagon Wheel, Houston
Torch Club, Canton, OH
Hialiah Club, Atlantic City
Colonial Club, San Jose
Club 181 - NYC
Club 181 - SF

More Female Impersonation Artists:
(not found in the other sections)

miscellaneous artists, page 1
miscellaneous artists, page 2
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"Boys Will Be Girls"

Revues & Programs
Sheet Music

      Jewel Box Revue, Part 3  

    Jewel Box Revue, Part 1  Jewel Box Revue, Part 5    

  Jewel Box Revue, Part 6  Jewel Box Revue, Part 2    

book: Femme Mimics, 1954  book: Eros Vol.4, 1962  from Female Mimics magazines  Drag, 12 pages on JBR



Madame Arthur's           


Sirlebrity Capades       

Sirlebrity Capades, 1966
Sirlebrities '69
Beaux Arts Halloween Ball, 1968  
Coronation Ball 1971 (San Francisco)
Coronation Ball 1973 (SF)
Coronation Ball 1975 (SF)

Coronation Ball '78 (Los Angeles)


82 Club   Club 82   

Casino de Paris  Great Female Mimics   LaCage, circa 1999    

82 Club Program, 1969 
82 Club Program, 1965
82 Club Program, circa '61-'65
Casino de Paris, 1983
The Great Female Mimics, 1973
Michelle Show, Ready or Not, It's Me, 1967

Michelle Show, It's Me Again, 1969
Michelle International, 1962
Baby Doll: Female Impersonators of England, 1972
The Little Parrot, Puerto Rico, 60s
Lee Brewster's Mardi Gras Ball 1972 (NYC)
Carroll Revue, 1956

Club Flamingo, L.A., 1957

Boylesque--Kenny Kerr, 1982 
Cherchez La Femme, Montreal

 MIchelle, Ready or Not    Michelle, It's Me Again    MIchelle International     Baby Doll

The Little Parrot - Puerto Rico             Club Flamingo    


Karyl Norman

A Special Section on
Sheet Music
Featuring Female & Male

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Julian Eltinge
Scrapbooks of Danny Brown, of Jewel Box Revue
Kurt Mann Scrapbook

Kurt Mann was a headliner in the Jewel Box Revue during its last golden years, from 1967 through 1970. He got rave revues for his impressions of Phyllis Diller. I am honored that he shared his story and scrapbook.

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Ted Larson Scrapbook

Ted Larson's career ranges from the early 60's, as a male dancer at the 82 Club, to putting together revues in the 70's and performing himself in the 80's, as Maxine Faye Baker, or Maxie, the Clowntessa of Comedy.
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David Hummel Scrapbook

David Hummel was part of the comic drag duo, the Fono Fools, and other acts, and starred at Detroit's main drag venues from the late 1950's to late 1960's. His scrapbook captures the Detroit scene in those years.
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Female Impersonator




Femme Mimics!
Photos from the book "Femme Mimics" by E. Carlton Winford, 1953
(40's & 50's Female Impersonators)



A Pictoral History of the Art of
Female Impersonation

By Chris Shaw & Arthur Oates, London, 1966

Female Impersonation
By Avery Willard, 1971

Recollections of a Part-Time Lady
1979, 66 pages

Transvestism Today
Edward Podolsky & Carlson Wade

or download a PDF of the entire book


Men in Skirts
an extensive article by Carlson Wade, author of "She-Male,"
and co-author of "Transvestism Today,"
from the magazine Female Mimics, Volume 1 #4, 1964

And, Miscellaneous...

clever drag queen names                    just plain miscellaneous

The Transvestism & Sex Trial of Boulton & Park, 1871

How the College Boys Imitate the Fair Sex

Below, a telling full-page article from the Washington Post, 1924,
concluding that boys can "masquerade" as a girl better than the reverse.
Click on it to see it.

Why Wearing Skirts Makes a Man Effeminate

Has the Masculinized Woman Come to Stay? (1909)
Read the PDF

The Hamilton Lodge Balls


Other excellent sources of Drag information:


Ray Bourbon

and also the following:

David De Alba site 

a couple pics...

Jewel Box Revue, guess which one's the RG

equal time? hardly, but here are some drag "kings" from Paris, circa 1963

And Click Here for more Paris "Drag Kings"

Cigar Tin. Click for more on Neil Burgess

Sepia Gloria Swanson & Sepia Mae West

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Below, I know in the 60's in San Francisco you could be arrested for appearing
like you intended to be take for a female, so to prevent arrests, patrons of the
Black Cat carried a "I'm a Boy" sign. Perhaps it was similar in Hawaii.
A friend in Hawaii tells me his "Glade Expert" says these are from 1967/68.

Check the article to the right. It's from the San Francisco paper
Citizen's News, from March 1965, which seems to be talking
about the subject, though the above is not a brooch, it's a
bit more advanced. More below...(from Uncensored, Feb 1965)


Below, from Honolulu's Female Impersonation Bar, The Glade,
open from mid-60's until 1982. Anyone know the year of this button?