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The David Hummel Collection

I was very pleased when David Hummel contacted me (August 2012) offering
to share his female impersonation scrapbook. His career memorabilia captured
a time and place (Detroit in the late 1950's to mid-60's) of which I had very little
material. His collection contains over 160 scans from his scrapbook. His first real
stage success was with a show business partner, Joe Price, and they were called the
Fono Fools. They played mainly at Detroit's The Diplomat, that city's first club to
house a drag show.

They also had long runs in Detroit at the Van Dyke Club, and gigs in other cities
(The Interlude in Scottsdale, AZ, and The Saddle & Sirloin in Bakersfield, CA).
At Davey Jones Locker, a Florida club, his co-star Price had a heart attack, on stage.
Back in Detroit Hummel and some other cast members of The Diplomat opened
in 1962 at The Gold Dollar, where Hummel remained until 1967, retiring
from show business the next year, moving to work as a sound engineer.

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