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Ted Larson Collection

In the Spring of 2010 Ted Larson visited my website and contacted me.
In the early 1960s he worked at the 82 Club in NYC, as a male dancer,
and then worked with Danny & Doc, and others, putting together female impersonation revues. HIs own revue, Ted Larson's Pantomaniacs,
played in Las Vegas in 1971. In the 80s he performed himself, under
either the names Maxine Faye Baker or Maxie, the Clowntessa of
Comedy. And he continued to be associated with shows of this nature
until he retired from the "drag profession" in 1989. I was delighted
when he offered to share some of his photo collection with me.
I've roughly organized them by Revue name.
Click on the title to find them.

Ted Larson's Pantomaniacs '71

Brandall's Follies, 1970

Danny Windsor's Funtastiks, 1971

Guys Will Be Dolls, 1971

Viva Les Boys, 1969

Foxy Follies, 1976-77

Femme Jesters, 1971

Queens Are Wild

Jewel Box 76