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Other Female Impersonation Clubs, Etc...

Chat-Chat Lounge, Chicago


Chat-Chat Lounge

Melody Club, San Francisco

Saratoga Bar, Atlantic City


He She with Elvis Herselvis

above, no, not old, it 's from 1992, but cool looking...
probably from San Francisco. Below, a pic from that show,
with Pussy Tourette

below, Les Girls, Sidney

Below, from Sydney, Australia, 1974

Simone & Monique's Playgirls Revue

from Sydney, Australia

The Gunga Den and the Powder Puff Revue, New Orleans

above, 1950s

CQueen of Clubs, Atlanta

with Chuckie Fontaine, Paris Delaire, Bobby La Marr, and Karlos

Powder Puff Revue

(there may have been several by this name, spanning decades)

above & below, 1931