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Sirlebrity Capades of 1965 & 1966
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The Society for Individual Rights (S.I.R) was founded in San Francisco in 1964, and in approach
was more liberationist, as opposed to the earlier assimilationist organizations like the
Matachine Society and the Daughters of Bilitis. It was more democratic and inclusive and
recognized the need for community involvement. This was likely the reason for the very popular
and regular entertainment events, like the Sirlebrity Capades and productions like "Hello, Dolly,"
and "Mame," raising funds while enabling a social atmosphere. The organization lasted until 1976,
and the published the excellent magazine "Vector" from 1965 through 1977.

As this was a program for an event, there were also ads, about 20 pages, that I did not scan,
as they were just of the "The Tavern Guild Congratulates The Sirlebrity Capades" nature

JJ van Dyck, don't you love that name! I included the ad for her show

This insert was in the program

Sirlebrity Capades of 1965

[a few xeroxes]