January 2004
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Playlist: (airdate January 26, 2004)
Teresa Trull - i'd like to make
love to you (1977)

Deidre McCalla:
interview & songs
this magic moment (1973)
walk me down to the river (2003)
if god only knew (2003)
thanks for asking (2003)
everyday heroes & heroines (1992)
would you like to dance (1987)
mama loves me (2003)

Catie Curtis:
interview & songs
comments by Tom McCormack
dandelion (1989)
radical (1996)
what's the matter (1999)
magnolia street (1999)
elizabeth (2001)
kiss that counted (2001)
honest world (2003)

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Deidre McCalla

Teresa Trull's 1977 LP, "The Ways a Woman Can Be"

Above & right, Teresa Trull, one of the early influences of the women's music movement with several of her own albums, and also producing over 30 for others

Teresa Trull, 1999

above, 1999 pic of Teresa

Deidre McCalla

   above and left, mid/late 80s press pics of Deidre   

cover of Hot Wire Magazine, July 1988

Above, Deidre on the cover of Hot Wire Magazine, the premier source for information about women's music while it was in publication, from 1984-1994.
Below, Deidre's Olivia albums

Olivia 939  Don't Doubt It (1985)
Olivia 953  With a Little Luck (1987)
Olivia 965  Everyday Heroes & Heroines (1992)

[pass mouse over albums to see backs]

"Fur Coats and Blue Jeans," 1973

above, her LP, "Fur Coats and Blue Jeans"
Roulette 3012, 1973

Deidre McCalla, recent pic

   "Don't Doubt It," Olivia 939, 1985    "With a Little Luck," Olivia 953, 1987    "Everyday Heroes & Heroines," Olivia 965,  1992
Deidre, late 80s, photo by Toni Armstrong Jr

and the
new one,


"Playing for Keeps," Maidenrock  3050, 2003

JD & Deidre

And, in October of 2006, at the Houston Women's Festival, I finally got to see Deidre
perform, and she was wonderful.....Click Here to see more pic of her that day

Catie Curtis

Click to see them better...

Click for separate images of front and back covers

"Dandelion" cassette

above, Catie's very, very rare 1989
cassette, "Dandelion."

Catie Curtis

Catie Curtis

Catie Curtis

Catie Curtis

Catie Curtis



Artist Links:

Catie Curtis
Deidre McCalla
Teresa Trull & Barbara Higbie


Catie Curtis

above, pic I took on Oct 25, 2003, when Catie performed at the Houston Women's Festival;
see their link, HWF

Catie at the GLAMA awards for 1999

Catie Curtis GLAMA nods:

Female Artist - "Truth From Lies" (nominated)
Out Song - Radical (from "Truth From Lies) (won)
Out Recording - Radical (from "Truth From Lies) (won)
Album of the Year - "Catie Curtis" (won)
Album of the Year - "A Crash Course in Roses" (nominated)
Female Artist - "A Crash Course in Roses" (nominated)
Out Song - "What's the Matter" (from "Crash Course") (won)


For you data buffs, only Michael Callen was nominated for more GLAMAs, 9, of which he won 4, posthumously. Sonia (and Disappear Fear) were also nominated for 7 and won 3. The Indigo Girls were nominated for 7 and won one. Me'Shell Ndegeocello was nominated for 5 and won 4. See my Awards page for more info.