February 2004
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Part 1

Bisexual Songs

Welcome to my two-part special on songs
whose lyrics deal with bisexuality

I Like It Both Ways

Playlist:   (airdate February 23, 2004)
Phoebe (from "Friends") - bisexual song
     (from Season 2, Episode 12, 1996)
Bob Rivers Twisted Radio - bisexual (2002)
Herman's Hermits - this door swings both ways (1966)
Ma Rainey - sissy blues (1926)
Pinewood Tom (Josh White) - sissy man blues (1935)
The Herd - something strange (1968)
Mitch Ryder- sally go round the roses (1967)
Tim Buckley - sally go round the roses (1973)
David Bowie - john, I'm only dancing (1972)
George Melly - good time george (1973)
Sweet - a.c. -d.c. (1975)
Supernaut - I like it both ways (1976)
Gotham - AC-DC man (1979)
Peter Allen - bicoastal (1980)
Bi-Medley (1:00)
Barbara Mason - another man (1983)
Tom Robinson - more lives than one (1984)
Two Nice Girls - I spent my last $10 on
     birth control and beer (1989)
Living Colour - bi (1993)
Sta-Prest - double your chances (1995)
Hypnotic Clambake - bisexual military (1995)
Karen Hellyer - pink and blues (1995)
Monica Grant - my boyfriend's back (1996)
Jill Sobule - I kissed a girl (1995)
Coyote Shivers - bisexual girl (1996)
Peggy Scott-Adams - bill (1997)
Thomas Richardson - bill goes both ways (1997)

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In order to cover so many songs in an hour show, I had to shorten many of them, but so you won't feel
disappointed or short-changed, you can click on the musical note after a song to hear all of it.

And it's the lyrics of these songs that got them on this show, and many are fascinating. I have posted lyrics to as many as I could find on a special lyrics page. Click the button to go there...

Click to go to the Bi Lyrics Page


Bob Rivers Twisted Radio crew   one of their CDs

Bob Rivers and the Twisted Radio gang from Seattle produce wonderfully creative parodies, and release many of them on CD, including a series of Christmas albums. They produced the Queen and Who parodies I used to begin each of the two parts of this special.

Herman's Hermits

And I conscripted Herman Hermits' hit from 1966 to get me into the heart and bisexual soul of the show. They didn't mean it the way I used it....or perhaps they did, check out the song's flip side...:)

Ma Rainey

Ma Rainey stamp

Ma Rainey

Bi triangles

Those Sissy Songs...

Ma Rainey has been called the Mother of the Blues, and she gave us the lesbian classic, "Prove It On Me Blues" (1928), in the same year she recorded her composition "Sissy Blues." In 1935 Kokomo Arnold picked up the sissy ball and wrote "Sissy Man Blues." Several blues artists recorded it, including the version featured on this show, by Pinewood Tom, one of the recording names used by Josh White.

I thought this song merited some in depth attention, so Click the Button below for the lyrics, three versions of them, and many more photos.

Click for more on the Sissy Songs

Sissy Man Blues CD

Many straight and gay blues songs, of the more, let's say, graphic nature can be found on the CD shown above. It combines most of the songs found on an earlier (1979) LP release called "Straight & Gay." Though it unfortunately lacks Ma Rainey's "Sissy Blues" it does include "Prove It On Me Blues." It also features Bessie Jackson's "B.D. Woman's Blues," and the BD stood for Bull Dyker. I featured that on my September 2001 QMH show.

Pinewood Tom's 78, real title is "Sissy Man Blues"

Josh White stamp

Pinewood Tom aka Josh White

Bi triangles

The Herd

The Herd

The Herd, featuring Peter Frampton, (before he "Came Alive") included the song "Something Strange" on their "Paradise Lost" LP in 1968. In it, a young man strays from his girlfriend as "those gay voices beacon to some new delight."

Bi triangles

David Bowie 45

In 1972 David Bowie was going through his Ziggy Stardust phase, and he had already declared to the press that he was bisexual, which was probably just hype. Anyway, he had recorded the song "John, I'm Only Dancing," which was about a bisexual man dancing with a woman but telling his jealous male lover that there was nothing to worry about..."John, I'm only dancing, She turns me on, but I'm only dancing." Below and right, with bandmate Mick Ronson.

David Bowie & Mick Ronson

Mitch Ryder

Mitch Ryder is most known for several late 60s hits, like "Jenny Take a Ride," "Sock It To Me Baby,"
and "Devil With a Blue Dress On." In 1967 he covered the Jaynetts' hit "Sally Go Round the Roses" on
his album, "What Now My Love." It definitely did not come across as too understanding of wanting
Sally to dally. But, funny how time changes things. His 1978 album "How I Spent My Vacation" included a couple songs he co-wrote ("Cherry Poppin'"and "Poster") that are fairly gay sexually explicit.

Mitch Ryder

Bi triangles

David Bowie & Mick Ronson

just do it

Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley also lamented that "the saddest thing in this whole wide world is to find your woman's been laying with another girl," in his 1973 cover version of the Jaynetts' song. In Rock Music irony, he died of drug abuse at age 28 (in 1975) and the son he barely knew, Jeff Buckley, drown at age 30, in 1997. Click to learn more.

Bi triangles

George Melley

Above and below, George Melly, an English sort of jazz music hall performer. He was quite ahead of his time in his song "Good Time George" when in his 1973 song he warned "Hey, there, mama, hold tight to your man, cause my equipment's on the AC-DC plan."

George Melley

The Sweet

The Sweet

The Sweet



Glam Rock group The Sweet were perhaps most known for their mid-70s hits "Little Willy," Ballroom Blitz," "Fox on the Run," and "Love Is Like Oxygen." They also got lots of airplay in 1975 with their very non-judgemental reaction to bisexuality, with "AC - DC."

Above, the group Supernaut had a surprising hit in Australia with "I Like It Both Ways." Those were the only two photos I could find of the group on the internet.

Artist Links:

David Bowie
Karen Hellyer
Hypnotic Clambake
Bob Rivers Twisted Radio
Tom Robinson


Goldenrod Music

Goldenrod Music (if you click
on the link, and then buy a CD
I get a cut...hey, do you think
this website is cheap?...:)

Bi trianglesBi Pride Flag

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Bisexual Links:

Bi Resource
Bi Zone

These are just a few of the neat
Bisexual websites I found while
researching the music for these
two shows. Please check 'em out.

Both Ways t-shirt

Gotham's "Void Where Inhibited"

One of the most popular live acts
of the 70s & 80s was Gotham,
comprised of Gary Herb, David
McDaniel and Michael Pace.


"AC-DC Man" 12-incher

Above, their "AC-DC Man" 12-incher. Check out my April show for a very
special interview with the group Gotham.

Peter Allen

Peter Allen

Peter Allen's first LP

Peter & Liza

Above, Peter (21) and Liza (18) had
just gotten engaged in December of
1964...he didn't tell the world about
being "bicoastal" until 1980...

Barbara Mason 12" 45

In 1981 Barbara Mason had a soul
hit with "She's Got the Papers,
I've Got the Man." Well, she lost
that man to "Another Man" in
1983, and got a bit tacky about it.

Barbara Mason

Barbara Mason

Tom Robinson   Tom Robinson   Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson is one of my queer heroes, both for his music and his activism. He's been fighting the good fight for over 25 years. His song "Glad To Be Gay" (1978) is one of our anthems, and of course I played it on my very first QMH show. Over the years he's become very active in bisexual activism, and his website (www.tombinson.com), which is one of the best "artist sites" I've seen anywhere, also includes a terrific reference section on information regarding bisexuality, including links to many other Bi sites.

TwoTwo Nice Girls

"Two Nice Girls," the LP

GirlsTwo Nice Girls

(pass mouse over above pic)

Living Colour

Living Colour's "Stain" CD

NYC band Living Colour has had
platinum selling albums and
Grammy awards, but what I care
about is their song "Bi" (from
their 1993 CD, "Stain"), which
gave that subject a funky beat.

Living Colour


In 1995 San Francisco punk group
Sta-Prest released a frantic EP
called "Vespa Sex" which gave
us "Double Your Chances"

Sta-Prest EP

Karen Hellyer

In 1993 Chicago area artist Karen
Hellyer released 500 copies of her
album "Peon Queen." But her
very Bi song "Pink and Blues" can
only be found on the 1995 Mother
Jones sponsored-CD "You Are
What You Shoot."

"You Are What You Shoot" VA CD

Both Ways

Hypnotic Clambake

Quote from their website: "There's a lot to like about
Hypnotic Clambake's sound. The Quartet, led by
accordionist/singer Maury Rosenberg, is adept at
weaving together a multitude of styles: klezmer,
zydeco, bluegrass, country, blues, tango and
indie-rock all turn up..." - Bill Meyer, Option
Magazine, Music Alternatives.

Yes, I guess that's all true, but for me the song
"Bisexual Military" was a pure example of
political satire well done.

Hypnotic Clambake CD "Kent the Zen Master"

Monica Grant

Monica Grant's delightful 1996 album "Parodisiac"
not only contained the parody of "My Boyfriend's
Back" that I included in this show, but it also has
her own neat versions of Sam Cooke's "Wonderful
World" ("P.C. Dyke"), the Drifters' "Under the
Boardwalk" ("Down at the Sperm Bank"), and even
Ferron's "Shadow on a Dime" ("Shadows on Uuugh").
This is a very under-appreciated album, but it's not
too late to get it, check out Amazon.com.

Monica Grant (pic from her 1991 CD "The Heart of It")

"I Kissed A Girl," the cassette   Jill Sobule

Ah, yes, Jill Sobule kissed a girl in
1995, and her career hasn't been the
same since, and that's a good thing,
because it drew attention to her very
unique voice and style.

Jill Sobule

Coyote Shivers
Coyote Shivers was
born in Toronto,
Canada, and also
does producing
and acting in
addition to the
punkish band.
Don't blame me
if I think he
probably sounds
better with
his shirt off.

Coyote Shivers

doesn't he sound good in this photo?

Peggy Scott-Adams   Peggy Scott-Adams

Thomas RichardsonThomas Richardson

And it was obscure R&B artist
Thomas Richardson who the
ultimate Bi Answer Record,
with his single "Bill Goes Both
Ways." I remember spotting
the cassette single of it on a
record store counter and
asking the clerk, "Is this what
I think it is?" He drawled
"Yep," and a sale was made.
Richardson's song never sinks
to the level of soap opera smaltz,
because, well, it was already
on that level, but it's lots of
campy fun.
Bi trianglesBi American

Jean Knight

Peggy Scott, in act called Peggy Scott &
Jo Jo Benson, had several late 60s hits,
("Lovers Holiday" and "Soul Shake," in
1968 and 1969) and then they both faded
into relative obscurity. That is, until she
came back in 1997 with the irresistible "Bill,"
about losing her man to another man.
The song was so irresistible that another
artist rushed out her own version. That
was Jean Knight. You probably remember
"Mr Big Stuff," a huge hit from 1971.
Well, her attempt was just a little too late,
and Peggy Scott-Adams kept her hit,
and I prefer her verson.

Bi triangles

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