January 2007
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"Tret Fure" from 1973

Tret Fure's recording career
spans over 35 years, and in
this exclusive interview she
candidly talks about her
music, life and loves

photo by JD Doyle

I couldn't introduce this page much better than this paragraph taken from Tret's own site: "This writer, producer, engineer, vocalist and gifted instrumentalist has navigated her career with integrity and determination. After releasing her premier album on MCA records in 1973, titled Tret Fure, and becoming one of the first women sound engineers in the US, she left the mainstream music industry. Armed with a fierce desire to retain full artistic control, Fure began exploring the independent side of the industry and soon discovered the blossoming genre known as Women’s Music. She has been a major player in that field ever since. Now after 3 acoustic releases on her own label, Tomboy girl Records, she has re-established herself in the folk world." And almost anyone reading this knows about her very public 19-year musical and personal relationship with Women's Music icon Cris Williamson. You'll hear about it all in this show.

Above left, her 1973 MCA album, and on the right,
a shot I took during our interview in November.
Click for a large view of the MCA album, and more!

Visit www.TretFure.com

Read the script for the show...

On 10/23/06 Tret did a call-in interview to Queer Voices, on KPFT, Houston, 24 minutes, Click to hear it

Playlist      (airdate January 22, 2007) 
Part 1    (56:35)
Tret Fure - Spread It Around (2005)
Spencer Davis & Tret Fure / Tret Fure -
    Rainy Season (1972 / 1973)
Tret Fure - Laughing Holidays (1973)
Tret Fure - As If By the Wind (1984)
Tret Fure - The Girls All Dance (1990)
Tret Fure - The Working Poor (1990)
Cris Williamson & Tret Fure - Radio Quiet (1998)
Tret Fure - Tight Black Jeans (1986)
Tret Fure & Cris Williamson - Everyone To Me (1999)
Cris Williamson & Tret Fure - Please Say (1996)

Part 2    (60:00)
Cris Williamson & Tret Fure - Carolina Pines (1998)
Tret Fure - All Over Town (2001)
Tret Fure - This Train (2001)
Tret Fure - My Shoes (2003)
Tret Fure - How In the World (2003)
Tret Fure - The Wedding Song (2003)
Tret Fure - Hawk and the Dove (2003)
Tret Fure - Anytime Anywhere (2005)
Tret Fure - Eyes of God (2005)
Tret Fure - Drivin' (2005)
Tret Fure & Cris Williamson - Tomboy Girl (1998)

(note: many images have images "behind" them)

"Mousetrap" 1972   "Terminal Hold" 1984

Above left is the "Mousetrap" album by Spencer Davis (1972), which is essentially a duets album, on which Tret plays and sings, and one of her compositions was used. Tret's three solo albums for Olivia Record's Second Wave label were "Terminal Hold" (1984), "Edges of the Heart" (1986), and "Time Turns the Moon" (1990)

"Edges of the Heart" 1986   "Time Turns the Moon" 1990

photo by JD Doyle  photo by JD Doyle  photo by JD Doyle

Candid shots during our interview

"Postcards from Paradise" 1993   "Between the Covers" 1996

Cris & Tret CDs from 1993, 1996 and 1999

"Radio Quier" 1999

"Remembering Kate Wolf" 1998   "NWMF Silver" 1999

Tret appears on several compilation albums, but I show the two above as they contain unique recordings by Cris & Tret. Above left is "Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf," a 1998 project with their duet on "Caroline Pines." And the CD above right honored the 25th anniversary of the National Women's Music Festival, and is a live recording including three duets, on "Waterfall," "John Deere," and "Everyone To Me"

photo by JD Doyle  photo by JD Doyle

Houston concert pics, November 4, 2006

"Back Home" 2001   "My Shoes" 2003

Tret's CDs from 2001, 2003 and 2005

photo by Irene Young  "Anytime Anywhere" 2005  photo by Irene Young

Miscellaneous Shots

Tret, 1984         photo by Irene Young

Above and below left, from the inner sleeve of Tret's 1984 LP, "Terminal Hold." Above right
is a late 80's pic of Cris & Tret from their press kit, and below is Tret's Tomboy Girl logo

Tret, 1984   Tomboy Girl

"Edges of the Heart"   "Time Turns the Moon"

Remember cassette tapes?

And below, the interview was arranged by my Queer Voices co-host Deborah Bell, who founded Diva House Concerts, which enabled Tret to come to Houston to perform. Of course we got pics with Tret.

Tret & JD Doyle  Tret & Deborah Bell


Music by many of the artists heard on QMH can be found at
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True Compass  The Horizon

Above, Tret's CDs from 2007 and 2010