Jan & Feb 2000
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Charlie Murphy "Catch The Fire" LP

Charlie Murphy

Tom Robinson Band

Above, Tom Robinson Band Below, Berkeley Women's Music Collective and their two albums
from '76 & '78

Berkeley Women's Music Collective

Berkeley Women's Music Collective

Berkeley Women's Music Collective, 2nd LP


Sue Fink, photo by Toni Armstrong Jr

Michael's "Purple Heart" CD

Y'All CD "Big Apple Pie"

Mark Weigle & Doug Stevens, NYC, 2000

Above, Mark Weigle and Doug Stevens, and below, JD & Doug

om Robinson Band LP

Tom Robinson

amie Anderson on Hot Wire cover, 1994

Jamie Anderson CD


Sue Fink, photo by Toni Armstrong Jr

V.A. CD featuring Michael's  title song


Left, Peter Allen, Michael
Callen and Marsha Malamet,
the writers of "Love Don't Need A Reason." They have each recorded the song on their own.


Doug, lookin' sexy

Doug Stevens

Doug Stevens CD


Note: For the first six months
of my show, the time slot was
for 30 minutes, with the shows
averaging about 26 minutes
each. The producer of Queer
Voices, Jack Valinski, graciously
increased my show to an hour
starting in July of 2000.

January 24, 2000 Show
Charlie Murphy - gay spirit (1979)
Tom Robinson Band - glad to be gay (78)
Berkeley Women's Music
   Collective - gay and proud (1977)
Jamie Anderson - no closet (1992)
Jon Gilbert Leavitt - pride (1999)

February 28, 2000 Show
Sue Fink - leaping lesbians (1977)
Spotlight Artist: Maxine Feldman
Maxine Feldman - angry atthis ('79)
Michael Callen:
   love worth fighting for (1995)
   love don't need a reason (1989)
From "Let My People Come" -
    I'm gay    (1974)
Y'All - you ain't woman enough
   to take my man (1995)
Doug Stevens / Outband - out
   in the country (1993)

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Maxine's LP label

Above, Maxine Feldman's 1979
LP "Closet Sale." It contained the
song "Angry Atthis," written in
1969 and recorded in 1972. That
song was the first openly lesbian
45 rpm recording.

"Let My People Come" LP

Duffy & Jones

Above, Martin Duffy and Joe
Jones sang "I'm Gay" in the
1974 avant guard musical
"Let My People Come"

Doug Stevens 2nd CD