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2 by Doug Stevens

Sonia -- RuPaul

Romanovsky & Phillips - David Sereda

Ben Gay -- Bennett

Boys In The Band -- Boystown Gang

Lynn Carter - Matthew Cloran

Joe Bracco -- Paul Lekakis


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Mark Weigle -- Y'All

Jade & Sarsaprilla - Higbie & Trull

Paul Lynde -- Pansy Division

Tom Wilson

Charles Pierce - Kinsey Sicks

2 by Dan Martin & Michael Biello

First show, with Charlie Murphy, Tom Robinson, the Berkeley Women's Music Collective, Jamie Anderson, and introducing Jon Gilbert Leavitt's anthem "Pride"
Spotlight on Michael Callen, and Sue Fink, Y'All, Doug Stevens, and a very Out song from the musical "Let My People Come"
Music by Tom Wilson, Steven Grossman, Teresa Chandler & Karen Ripley, Lynn Thomas, and a Spotlight on female impersonator Rae Bourbon.
A Queer C&W Show, with Doug Stevens & the Outband, Patrick Haggerty, Sid Spencer, the Rude Girls, Mark Weigle and a 1946 surprise.
Spotlight on Romanovsky & Phillips. Also, Alix Dobkin, Dan Martin, Ma Rainey, and Zrazy, and much more.
Gay & Lesbian Pride show with all the songs being about Stonewall. Music by Jallen Rix, Jan Tilley, Peter Hicks, Jimmy Worm, the NYCGMCC.
First hour show, including Teresa Trull, John Whitley, Martin Swinger, Jamie Anderson, Rebecca Riots, Mark Islam, and a Spotlight on Noel Coward.
Transgender Music Special, with Spotlight Feature: Billy Tipton. Also, music by Jayne County, Veronica Klaus. And an interview clip by Christine Jorgensen.
Spotlight Feature: Anita Bryant, not songs BY her but ABOUT her. Also, Bing Crosby, Grant King, Lucie Blue Tremblay, Alix Dobkin, Judy Small.
Special Feature: Songs about Matthew Shepard. Also, Spotlight on Jose Sarria. And, Kristin Lems, Melissa Etheridge, and a trio of queer country songs.
Madeline Davis is the Spotlight Artist. Also a trio of gay parody songs, and a trio of cabaret ballads. Mark Weigle talks about his "All That Matters" CD.
Queer Xmas Show. From Choruses to Cabaret to Camp to Comedy to Disco…some VERY gay xmas music, and a special visit by Joan Crawford.

2 by Disappear Fear

Elliot Pilshaw & Lorin Sklamberg and Rob Krikorian

Pansy Division -- Pat Humphries John Bucchino -- Mark Weigle