June 2009

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---Special Bonus Show---

Playlist - 58:00
Suzanne Cimone - Freedom Day (1995)
Madeline Davis comments (2004)
Madeline Davis - Stonewall Nation (1971)

Jimmy Worm comments (2006)
Worm - Stonewall (1995)
Melinda - Remember Stonewall (1994)
NYC Gay Men's Chorus Chamber Choir -
Before Stonewall (1994)
Jan Tilley - Bricks and Bottles (1994)
Jessica Xavier comments (2005)
Jessica Xavier - Stonewall (1999)
Fairy Tales - Stonewall Serenade (1995)
Sandy Rapp - Everyone Was At Stonewall (1995)
John Callahan of Age of Consent comments (2007)
Age of Consent - History Rap (1982)

Peter Hicks comments (2002)
Peter Hicks - Stonewall '69 (1993)
Jallen Rix - I Saw Jesus Down at Stonewall (1995)
Jon Gilbert Leavitt comments (2001)
Jon Gilbert Leavitt - Pride 2009 (2009)

The script, and more...

If the artists have active websites, you can
find links to them on their names, above

Right, Suzanne Cimone and
her 1995 CD, "Freedom Day"

Suzanne Cimone

Madeline Davis

Madeline Davis 45   Madeline Davis

Hear my full interview with Madeline Davis and see articles on her

Below, history in the making...how often can you actually see the inspiration for a song?
The photo below shows Madeline (holding the Buffalo Radical Lesbians sign) at the March on
Albany, in 1971. As you hear in my short clip, she went home and wrote the songs.



Jimmy Worm CD   Melinda cassette   Jan Tilley cassette single

Above, Jimmy Worm and his 1995 CD "I Pledge," and Melinda's 1994
"Dyke Dramas." Jan Tilley's "Bricks and Bottles" can be found on
her cassette single, called "Scarlet Letter," as well as on the
"Don't Mess With Mary" disc. Tom Wilson Weinberg produced that
disc, and wrote the music. "Before Stonewall," had previously
appeared in Tom's musical "Ten Percent Revue," but here was done
by the NYC Gay Men's Chorus Chamber Choir. Transgender singer and
activist Jessica Xavier's 1999 debut recording was "Changeling."

Dont Mess With Mary CD   Jessica Xavier CD

Hear the rest of my interviews with Jimmy Worm and Jessica Xavier

and Tom Wilson Weinberg here and here.



Fairy Tales cast recording   Sandy Rapp CD

The song "Stonewall Serenade" was from the musical "Fairy Tales,"
written by Eric Lane Barnes. Sandy Rapp has given us many CDs of
her political folk, and "Everyone Was At Stonewall" appeared on
"We the People," from 1995. You can find gay rap on the 2004 CD
by Age of Consent, a compilation of their material from 1981-1984.
And the delightful CD by Jallen Rix is "The Sacred and the Queer"

Age of Consent CD   Jallen Rix CD

Below, Aussie Peter Hicks released his "The Man With the Pink Triangle" tape in 1993

Peter Hicks   Peter Hicks 1993 cassette   Jon Gilbert Leavitt

More interviews can be found with Eric Lane Barnes, John Callahan
of Age of Consent,
Peter Hicks, and Jon Gilbert Leavitt.


Jon Gilbert Leavitt wrote and recorded his original version of
"Pride" in 1999, and the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall was the
right time to update it, and to also add a stirring video, showing
clips of our GLBT history. I much encourage you to check it out.

Click to see the Video!




Above, I couldn't resist grabbing this matchbook cover off eBay.
It's the same Stonewall Inn, but several decades before it became
the famous gay bar, where the spark of our history was lit.
And forget about the others...the book "Stonewall" by David Carter
is the ONLY one you should read about the subject.

Above, Craig Rodwell in 1972...if you don't know who he is click here

Click to hear a clip of him talking about the Stonewall Riots, 1969

"Gay Liberation," statues by George Segal, in Christopher Park

recent photo, by James Hanlon 

Photo courtesy of James Hanlon: http://jameshanlon.imagekind.com/store/

From the archives of the New York Times

Click for full article

This show is available for airing on any station, and you can download a higher quality version (128Kbps) by clicking here. If you do air it an email would be great to let me know.

Christopher Street Liberation Days Celebration pin for Stonewall 10, 1979

And, one year later...

The recording above by a news reporter does an amazing job of
capturing the sounds and voices of Gay Pride Week 1970.
Click to hear it.

Below, earliest photo I have found of the
building that became the Stonewall, from 1928