June 2010
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I'm calling this show "Harvey Milk Music," and it was my mission was to gather together music about and inspired by the Harvey Milk story. This show is not a history lesson; there are ample resources for that. But to my knowledge no one has gathered together the musical impact of his life. He affected and continues to affect people on a personal level, so it's natural that a number of musicians and songwriters have been driven to create their own tributes. I am very pleased to share them with you.
Thanks to Rick Chris for allowing use in my banner of his painting "Castro Rainbow."

Also, this edition of QMH contains a first, a song written and recorded especially for this show. I'm honored and delighted to share the premiere of the song "Give 'Em Hope," written by Tim Cain and Brett Alan Basil, and sung by the band Boys' Entrance.

Video of Give 'Em Hope

Part 1 - 57:48
Danny Elfman - Harvey's Theme (from "Milk" Soundtrack) (2008)
Mark Isham - The Times of Harvey Milk (1985, in background)
Zoe Lewis - Harvey (1998)
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - Thou, Lord, Our Refuge (2003)
Joan Baez - Amazing Grace (2006)
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - Amazing Grace (2008)
Romanovsky & Phillips - Homophobia (1986)
Ron Romanovsky & Paul Phillips Comments (2003)
Neil Aaron Comments (2010)
Neil Aaron - Harvey (2008)
The Harvey Milk Show - We the People (1996)
Harvey Milk Opera: A Street Campaign (1996)
Rick Cresswell of Queer Conscience Comments (2010)
Queer Conscience - Harvey (The Ballad of Harvey Milk) (1993)
Causecast - Give 'Em Hope Speech (2008)
Tim Cain Comments (2010)
Boys' Entrance - Give 'Em Hope (2010, world premiere)
Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus - We the People (1992)
Atlanta Feminist Women's Chorus - Young Man (1992)
Holly Near Comments (2009)
Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert - Singing For Our Lives (1983)

Part 2 - 61:46
Frustrated Housewives - Believe (Christopher Street Radio Edit) (1999)
Stars of Sunday League - Harvey Milk (2009)
Bob A Feldman - Ballad of Harvey Milk (early 80s)
Art Peterson - Twinkie Insanity (1979)
MonDellos - White Riot Night (1979)
Ken Clarke & the Clarke Tones - The Epic of Dan White (1980)
Brain Damage - Kill Dan White (1979)
Lenny Anderson - The Ballad of Dan White (live, 1983)
The Choral Majority - I'm Dreaming of Dan White's Christmas (live, 1983)
The Choral Majority - Were You There When They Murdered Harvey Milk (live, 1982)
Inverted Triangle - White Night Riot (1984)
Dead Kennedys - I Fought the Law (1984)
Christ on a Crutch - Song for a Slab of Pork (1991)
Blue Gene Tyranny - Harvey Milk (Portrait) (1980)
Pamela Stanley - Coming Out of Hiding (1984) (Buddy Johnston Mix)

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Late Addition!
There's another "Harvey Milk" song.....and it's the earliest one. I wish I would have had it when I did this show, but I still want you to be able to hear it. The song is from the Very rare tape "Faggot Brothers of the Moon," by Chris Tanner and Charlie Murphy, from 1979.
It's called "When the Freedom Comes."

Hear the entire tape at this link, in my February 2015 Show.

And, another new (May 2020) addition:

...by Irish artist Aiden Casserly and his project Empire State Human, called "Harvey Milk"
View the video

Remember that Harvey Milk speech where he tells about getting a phone call from a teenager in Altoona, Pennsylvania? Well, that inspired Julian Hornik to write this song.
Julian Hornik - Altoona, Pennsylvania (2012)
I think he's a remarkable talent
Watch the Video


ADDED 9/4/23:    Wave a Flag for Harvey Milk

Watch the Official Video of “Wave a Flag for Harvey Milk” by Mr. Greg & Cass McCombs, featuring the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus. This is the first single off their Smithsonian Folkways album ‘Mr. Greg & Cass McCombs - Sing and Play New Folk Songs for Children’.

Harvey Milk bustthis set sold in eBay for $275 on May 16th!

Above, bust of Harvey in San Francisco City Hall (photo by Dan Nicoletta), and a set
of Harvey Milk buttons. Below two more common shots (could not find photo credits)

Harvey MilkSupervisor 5 Campaign


Below, Houston's OutSmart Magazine has always been very generous with their coverage of my special shows