June 2011
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Steven Grossman is one of my gay music heroes. Not only for the quality of his music, but he was the first artist to have an album with lyrically gay material released on a major label. The label was Mercury and the album was called "Caravan Tonight," released in April of 1974. This show is about the release of a CD of material recorded by Steven Grossman in early May of 1991, about six weeks before his death, on June 23, 1991. It took 20 years for this material to make the journey to CD release, and you'll hear the story by his friends, and the album's Producers, Richard Dworkin and Judith Casselberry.

I have known about this material, and have anxiously been waiting to do this show for many years, and in the meantime I've set up a number of pages of my site to honor his work. The
design of this page is therefore sparse, as there is everything I could find here:
Steven Grossman Tribute Section

I am also taking this opportunity to present some very rare material by Steven, such as a rare interview (from 1977) and some rare live concert material, and...a real treat...a rare concert
video from 1975. You can find a link to it in the Tribute Section.

Part 1 - 58:12
Steven Grossman - Buena Vista (1991)
Steven Grossman - Out (live, 1975)
Steven Grossman - California Now (1991)
Richard Dworkin Interview
Steven Grossman - Mostly Like Children (1991)
Steven Grossman - Something in the Moonlight (1991)
Steven Grossman - Greasy Griddle & a Short Order Cook (1991)
Steven Grossman - Winter Story (1991)
Steven Grossman - Caravan Tonight (live, 1975)
Austin Noto Interview
Twiggy - Caravan Tonight (1976)
Steven Grossman - Siamese Twins (live, 1975)
Steven Grossman - Last Pioneers (1991)

Part 2 - 43:36
Casselberry & Dupree - Last Pioneers (1994)
Mark Weigle Comments
Mark Weigle & Steven Grossman - Out (2002 & 1974)
Judith Casselberry Interview
Steven Grossman - Step (1991)
Steven Grossman - Caravan Tonight (live, 1976)
Steven Grossman - 5 O'clock Song (live, 1976)
Steven Grossman - Song to That M&M Man (live, 1976)
Steven Grossman - Out to Play (1991)

Part 3 - 51:18
Fruit Punch Interview with Steven Grossman (1977)




Find the new Steven Grossman CD "Something in the Moonlight" at
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The Interviewees

Below, Austin Noto, circa 1977-78

Austin Noto



I give appreciation and huge thanks to the GLBT Historical Society of San Francisco
and the Pacifica Radio Archives of Los Angeles for providing rare materials for this show

I also prepared an 8-minute segment on the CD's release for This Way Out,
for airing on their distribution of over 200 stations worldwide.
Click the logo to hear it.