March 2004
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I Love Bisexuals

Bisexual Songs

Welcome to Part 2 of my two-part special
on songs whose lyrics deal with bisexuality

Both Ways


Bob Rivers

Bob Rivers (above) and his Twisted Radio gang from Seattle produce wonderfully creative parodies, such as the Queen and Who ones I used to on the two parts of this
special. And, below, I again used the Herman's Hermets hit to glide me into the show.

Herman's Hermits

Bi triangles

Click to hear the 1:07 radio
promo for this show

Playlist:    (airdate March 22, 2004)
Phoebe (from "Friends") - bisexual song (1996)
Bob Rivers Twisted Radio - I'm bi (2000)
Herman's Hermits - this door swings both ways (1966)
Peggy Hewett - bisexual tango (1997)
Bellamy Brothers - my wife left me
     for my girlfriend (1997)
Saffire - I lost my baby to another man (1997)
Paxton - which way do you go? (1997)
Edie Carey - interview clip (2002)
Edie Carey - the middle (1998)
Das Pop - bye bisexual boy (1998)
Paul Ainsley - ambivalent (1999)
Cher - strong enough (1999, male version)
Jack Lukeman - boys & girls (ode to ed wood) (2000)
Candye Kane interview comments (2001)
Candye Kane - hey, mister, she was
     my baby last night (2000)
LaRissa - I do both jay and jane (2000)
Laya Fisher - I like dick and jane (2001)
Tom Robinson - boygirl (2003)
Bert Henry - bisexual (1960)
John Oszajca - bisexual chick (2001)
Peaches - I u she (2003)
Late Bloomers - sneakin' in the back door (2003)
Leah Zicari - kiss that boy (2003)
Ani Difranco - in and out (1997)
Tom Robinson - the last word (1997)

Read the script for the show...

In order to cover so many songs in an hour show, I had to shorten many of them, but so you won't feel disappointed or short-changed, you can click on the musical note after a song to hear all of it.

And it's the lyrics of these songs that got them on this show, and many are fascinating. I have posted lyrics to as many as I could find on a special lyrics page. Click the button to go there...

Click to go to the Bi Lyrics Page    

Gay 90s Musical

In 1997 Celebration Theatre in Los Angeles produced a musical revue called "The Gay 90s." And it included compositions from among our finest, such as Holly Near, John Bucchino, Wayne Moore and Billy Barnes. The bisexual angle was addressed in "Bisexual Tango," sung by Peggy Hewett, pictured lower left. She was in such Broadway shows as "A Day In Hollywood." She died in 2002 at age 56.

Gay 90s Musical cast

Bellamy Brothers

Bellamy Brothers

The Bellamy Brothers have been c&w survivors for decades. They included "My Wife Left Me For My Girlfriend" on their 1997 CD "Over the Line"

Right, Gaye's 1999 solo album, "Bitter Sweet Blues," contains the lesbian blues classic "Prove It On Me Blues," originally done by Ma Rainey.


Suzanne & Gaye

Gaye Adegbalola, above right, shown with life partner Suzanne Moe, sang lead vocals on Saffire's "I Lost My Baby To Another Man." That appeared on their 1997 CD "Cleaning House."

Gaye's "Bitter Sweet Blues"

Paxton CD

which way do you go?


Paxton (above) is the name of the artist, the band, and their 1997 debut CD. And the first track on it is titled "Which Way Do You Go?" I wonder if he saw the stretch of highway pictured at the left?

and, beneath his photo is his promo CD, submitted to the GLAMA awards. The CD won the award for Best and/Duo in 1999.

Edie Carey   

I am very pleased to bring you some interview comments from Edie Carey about her song "The Middle." It's from her 1998 CD "The Falling Places."

Edie Carey

Edie Carey
Das Pop lead singer

Das Pop

Das Pop

Belgium group Das Pop's second release was a 3-song EP in 1998, containing "Bye Bisexual Boy"

Das Pop

Das Pop

Billy Barnes Revued

"Billy Barnes Revued" was a 1999 Los Angeles production saluting his contributions of over 40 years. Paul Ainsley (the tallest in the photo)
sang "Ambivalent," a delightful Bi song.

who else but Cher

"I don't need your sympathy, nothing you can say or do for me, and I don't want a miracle, you'll never change for no one. Now I hear your reasons why, where did you sleep last night and was HE worth it, was HE worth it?" Oh, yeah, Cher is definitely "Strong Enough." It's neat that one of the remixes of this song include something her gay/bi fans could relate to.

Jack Lukeman

Jack Luke's "Metropolis Blue" CD contained his "Boys & Girls," also released on a CD single in 2000.

Jack Lukeman

Candye Kane

Candye Kane

In the second interview clip on the show, Candye Kane tells us about her song "Hey, Mister, She Was My Baby Last Night." It's from her 2000 CD "The Toughest Girl Alive." Pictured at right is her latest CD "Whole Lotta Love"

Bert Henry

Bert Henry was known for his racy
comedy in the 60s. Included on this show is a snippet of one of his skits, called "Bisexual," from the 1960 album above.

Candye Kane

Well, one likes Jay and the other likes Dick,
but they both like Jane...

La Rissa

Above, the La Rissa CD single from 2000, and below, we get a better look at her on her recent CD

La Rissa

Laya Fisher

Above, Laya Fisher's "I Like Dick & Jane,"
a 2001 dance hit from Australia.

Laya Fisher

Bisexual Links:
Bi Resource
Bi Zone

These are just a few of the neat Bisexual websites I found while researching the music for these two shows. Please check 'em out.

Bi The People

Two songs from this show come
from the "Bi The People" album

1. Jill Sobule - Saw a Cop
2. Laura Love - If You Leave Me
3. Melissa Ferrick - Fighting Chance
4. Skott Freedman - The Price You Paid
5. Bitch and Animal - Secret Candy
6. Tom Robinson - BoyGirl
7. Anne Heaton - Black Notebook
8. Pansy Division - Luv Luv Luv
9. Erin Hamilton - I Got the Music in Me
10. Ashley MacIsaac - Sleepy Maggie
11. Leslie Nuchow - But Still
12. Jim Verraros - I Want You
13. Rachael Sage - What If
14. Gregory Douglass - Hard
15. Magdalen Hsu-Li - Redefinition
16. Laya Fisher - Dick and Jane

"BI THE PEOPLE" is a benefit compilation featuring major and independent label artists donating proceeds to The Bisexual Foundation, a national nonprofit organization based in San Diego, CA. For more information please visit The compilation is being released under Violent Yodel Records, an independent record label home to (producer) 24-year-old singer/songwriter and bisexual activist, Skott Freedman. Several tracks on the compilation are previously unreleased by Jill Sobule, American Idol's Jim Verraros, Tom Robinson, and more.

John Oszacja

John Oszacja released his CD "From There To Here" in 2001, and before that he was briefly engaged to Lisa Marie Presley. Oh, well, I would not have known that if his song "Bisexual Chick" had not gotten my attention.

And, Peaches (right) is an artist who demands attention, and her musical style and graphic lyrics gets it. They didn't put the title of her album on the cover for a reason.



Late Bloomers

Randy Browning and Brett Kinney are the Late Bloomers, and they released their sophomore album in 2003. With "Sneakin' In The Back Door" they continue blending their
own folk/blue grass/traditional flavors together into an excellent result.

Late Bloomers

Leah Zicari

Leah Zicari has just followed up her excellent 1999 CD "Hard Road" and got even better. The new one is
called "Pretty On Thursday."

Leah Zicari

Ani DiFranco   Ani DiFranco   Ani DiFranco, photo by JD Doyle
Ani DiFranco's artistry exemplifies the word independence. With more than 21 albums released since 1990, she does it her way. Her "In And Out" is from her 1997 album "Living In Clip." At left, accepting the Outmusic Award in at the GLAMAs in 1999.

      Tom Robinson

As I said on my February page, Tom Robinson is one of my queer heroes, both for his music and his activism. Please visit his website,
which is one of the best "artist sites" I've seen anywhere. It also includes a terrific reference section on information regarding bisexuality, including links to many other Bi sites.

Tom Robinson x4Tom Robinson
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