Lilith, the Band


"Boston Ride" 1978

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Above two, 1975-76 Northampton, MA (Gabriel photographer)

Above, 1978 Boston at Somewhere Else

Above, 1976 at The Rusty Nail in Hadley, MA
(Beth Caurant, Joy Barone, Myanna Pontopidan)

Above, Rusty Nail same as one above it, with Lou Crimmons in photo

Above, 1973 in Amherst, MA
left to right--
B. Zarr, Claire Frances, Tatty Hodge, Pam Stevens, Beth Caurant
(Sonny Wood)--photographer

Below, at Arlington Street, 2/78, photo by Susan Wilson

Below, at Now Conference, 10/6/78 (photos by Susan Wilson)

ad from Lesbian Tide, November 1978

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A Big thanks to Beth Caurant for providing rare band photos

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