Lilith, the Band


Morning Union (Springfield) 7/29/77.

Springfield Union, 1977

Below, Boston Evening Globe, 6/18/78


Below, Boston Evening Globe, 6/15/78

Boston Evening Globe, 6/22/78

Boston Evening Globe, 6/22/78

Concord Monitor, 9/8/78

Equal Times, 6/18/78

Equal Times, 7/3/78


Show Ads, various dates

Fresh Ink (U. of Mass), 9/14/78

GPU News, Milwaukee, Record Review, 1978

Gay Community News (Boston), 7/29/78

Hartford Advocate, 2/11/76, and a couple others

Sweet Potato, 11/78, and Herald, 6/78


Lee Stone article, date unknown

Unknown source, 1978

Scauzillo Review, source & date unknown

Sojourner, 7/78

Stan Sherer article, source & date unknown

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