March 2010
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"Queer Nation: The Music & The Politics - Then & Now," and Part 1 includes interviews with members of the band Queer Conscience, which was very much inspired by the politics of Queer Nation; Ray Hill, Houston's pioneering gay activist; and the very political and talented artist, Scott Free. Part 2 brings things up to date with transwoman musician Michelle Garcia; and lesbian singer/musician Melissa Li and transman slam poet Kit Yan of Good Asian Drivers.

Part 1 - 71:39
Queer Conscience - It's a Queer Nation (1992)
Scott Free - Act Up Fight Back (2008)
Ray Hill Interview (2010)
Queer Conscience Interview: Rick Cresswell & Jamie Pierce
Queer Conscience - Gonna Eat My Way to Heaven (1992)*
Queer Conscience - Queerly Beloved (1992)
Queer Conscience - A Sunrise That Stays (1992)
Queer Conscience - A Stranger's Face (1992)
Queer Conscience - When the Time Is Right (1995)*
Queer Conscience - Everyone Knows (1992)
Queer Conscience - Some In Silence (1992)*
Queer Conscience - Save Our Children (1992)
Queer Conscience - Outside Information (1993)
Queer Conscience - Harvey (Ballad of Harvey Milk) (1993)
Queer Conscience - A Wonder (1995)
Queer Conscience - Marchin' in Southie (1995)
Justine Sullivan comment (1996)
Queer Conscience - Your 'Coming Out' Day (1995)
Queer Conscience - Gay Music (1995)

Part 2 - 65:42
VonTanner - Queer Nation (2005)
Michelle Garcia Comments (2010)
Michelle Garcia - San Francisco Queers (2009)
Michelle Garcia - Transwoman (2009)
Good Asian Drivers Interview: Melissa Li & Kit Yan
Melissa Li - 2 Seconds Away (2008)
Melissa Li - Extra (2008)
Melissa Li - Dance America (2008)
Good Asian Drivers - On The Road With You (2009)
Good Asian Drivers - For Our Daughters (2009)
Good Asian Drivers - Here's To You (2009)
Good Asian Drivers - My Boy (2009)
Kit Yan - Tranny Shack (2008, Kit Yan Live)
Good Asian Drivers - Third Gender (2009)
Good Asian Drivers - Queer Nation (2009)

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Part One

Scott Free CD"Act Up Fight Back" lyrics

Above, Scott Free's masterwork CD "The Pink Album," and below Houston's pioneering gay activist, Ray Hill, including a candid pic with me, at Gay Pride 2008.

Ray Hill  Ray Hill & JD Doyle, Gay Pride 2008




It's a Queer Nation

It's a Queer Nation

Back to the Other World  Gayja Vu

Queer Conscience

Download TWO

The March 11, 1996 edition of This Way Out featured an interview
with the members of the band Queer Conscience. Click the logo
to hear the entire 6:26 segment, courtesy of the Pacifica Archives.

Jamie Pierce & Rick Cresswell, 2010

Click for a LOT more on Queer Conscience, including lyrics, press info and more pix!


Part Two


Above, VonTanner and below, Michelle Garcia




Melissa Li and Kit Yan of Good Asian Drivers

Good Asian Drivers

Queer Nation


I love the work of Rick Chris, and though the one above was of a
modern protest, I think it sure fits the tone of my show this month.