May 2013
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This month I am presenting a Michael Callen Tribute Show, and he was one of the artists I hold in most esteem,
both for his music and AIDS activism. As usual I got carried away and the result is a four-hour show,
packed with music from all parts of Michael's career. And I also have interviews and comments from a
number of people who worked with him along the way, eleven in total. These include his partner
Richard Dworkin and bandmates Pam Brandt and Jon Arterton, and co-writer Marsha Malamet. I feel the
song "Everything Possible" was an important one, not only to the Flirtations but to our culture, that I
contacted the writer, Fred Small, and that evolved in a bonus segment in Part 4.

Part 1 - 59:56
Flirtations - Bop 'Til You Drop (1992)
Pam Brandt Interview
Lowlife - Living in Wartime (1985)
Richard Dworkin Interview
Lowlife - Where the Boys Are (1985)
Marsha Malamet Interview
Michael Callen - Love Don't Need a Reason (live, 1993)
Michael Callen - Love Worth Fighting For (1995)
Michael Callen - Jockey / Wonder (1982)
Jon Arterton Interview
Flirtations - My Boyfriend's Back (1988)
Flirtations - Mister Sandman (1992)
Michael Callen - Crazy World (1996)
Jim Bredeson Interview
Fred Small Interview
Flirtations - Everything Possible (1990)

Part 2 - 59:04
Callen, Malamet & Allen - Love Don't Need
      a Reason (1988, 1995, 1990)
Michael Callen - How To Have Sex (interview, 1983)
Michael Callen - How To Have Sex (1988)
Michael Callen - Me & Dickie D (1988)
Michael Callen - When This Fever Breaks (1990)
Michael Callen - Fool Heart (1990)
Michael Callen - Scheherazade (Tell a Story) (1993)
Flirtations - The Flirt Song (1990)
Flirtations - To Know Him Is To Love Him (1990)
Jon Arterton Interview
Michael Callen & The Flirtations - Sometimes
      Not Often Enough (1996)
Holly Near Comments
NYC Gay Men's Chorus - Love Don't Need a Reason (1991)
Michael Callen - Just Look in Our Eyes (~1989)

Part 3 - 60:54
Michael Callen - They Are Falling All Around Us (1996)
Michael Callen - Mother Mother (1996)
John Bucchino Comments
Michael Callen - Do Not Turn Away (1996)
Tom Robinson Comments
Michael Callen & Tom Robinson - Two Men
      Dance the Tango (1996)
Jim Bredeson Interview
John Berno & Jonathan Whitton - On the Other Side (2013)
Romanovsky & Phillips - Hymn (1991)
Ron Romanovsky Comments
Grant King - Michael (1994)
Cris Williamson, Tret Fure & Michael Callen - Living On (1993)
Michael Callen - Innocence Dying (1993)
Arnold McCuller Comments
Michael Callen - The Healing Power of Love (1996)

Part 4 - 58:58 - Fred Small Special Segment
Motherlode - Everything Possible (1987)
Fred Small Interview
Flirtations - Everything Possible (1990)
Fred Small - Annie (1985)
Fred Small - Marine's Lament (1993)
Fred Small - Larry the Polar Bear (1985)
Fred Small & Cris Williamson - This Love (1988)
Fred Small - Scott and Jamie (1988)
Fred Small - The Heart of the Appaloosa (1985)
Fred Small - Everything Possible (1985)

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And, April 2020, my friend Dr Matt Jones did this wonderful talk on Michael Callen's work;
not sure how long the link will be good but it's worth a listen.

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