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Photos, Related CDs, Etc

Above, some history...perhaps the first video capture of the original 6-man line-up of the Flirts,
with (left to right) Cal Grogan, Elliot Pilshaw, TJ Meyers, Aurelio Font, Michael Callen, Jon Arterton

At the beginning of 1989, Cal Grogan was the first to leave, making the Flirts a 5-man group,
and by the end of that year Elliot Pilshaw left, replaced by Cliff Townsend. TJ Meyers died on
Aug 28, 1990 and Jimmy Rutland took his slot. This line-up was stable until Michael Callen
could no longer perform, and he was not replaced, and then the Flirts were four.
Cliff Townsend left in Feb 1995 and Aurelio Font in June, leaving Jon Arterton
and Jimmy Rutland. In that Spring both Steve Langley and Suede began subbing,
with Steve bowing out in Sept 1995. The trio version remained until mid-1997.

Photo below and description from Aurelio Font, who provided several of these photos and the program


First CD, 1990
Jon, Michael, Aurelio, TJ, Cliff

"The Flirt Song" also appears on the "Feeding the Flame" compilation, 1990,
as does the first version of Michael's "Crazy World"

Below, yes, that's Lily Tomlin

Second CD, 1992
Michael, Cliff, Jimmy, Aurelio, Jon

1995, they contributed "(Elegies for) Angels, Punks and Raging Queens"
to the V.A. comp "A Love Worth Fighting For," and that is the only
place that recording can be found

Also in 1995 they contributed a new version of "Everything Possible" to the compilation
"Winter Moon," and this was the only recording done by the group with both Suede
and Steve Langley singing. And this is the only photo I have seen with Steve in the
group; if you have more please contact me.

Third and last CD, 1996
Jon, Suede, Jimmy

So that makes four different Flirts recordings of "Everything Possible"

Solo Projects:

Elliot Pilshaw

Check out my Interview with Elliot, July 2008

Above, Elliot's 1986 album "Feels Like Home," and below his cassette from 1982 with
Lorin Sklamberg. Below right is Ellot's Hebrew language cassette, "Native Tongue," 1984.


Above, Elliot was involved in several productions of Tom Wilson Weinberg's
"Ten Percent Revue", with the "Live in Boston" version appearing on cassette.
Below, while Jon was not on a "10% Revue" recording, they were in
a cast of the show together, which is where the met.

And in 1994 Elliot was in the group Sons & Lovers, which released a CD in 1994

Sons & Lovers also contributed a song to the Richard Foltz Christimas collection, in 1996

Cliff Townsend, 1994, "Out Here on My Own"

Jon Arterton, 2011, "Legally Married...and the Sky Didn't Fall,"
with his husband, James Mack

And of course Suede has had a long career before and after being in The Flirts,
with a number of releases. Visit her site.