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May & June 2000

Zrazy CD "Come Out Everybody"



Above, Zrazy (Maria Walsh &
Carole Nelson) at Houston's
Mucky Duck, November 2000

Ma Rainey


Alix Dobkin CD "Love & Politics"

Ma Rainey

Ma Rainey


Note: For the first six months
of my show, the time slot was
for 30 minutes, with the shows
averaging about 26 minutes
each. The producer of Queer
Voices, Jack Valinski,
graciously increased my show
to an hour starting in July 2000.

May 22, 2000 Show
Zrazy - come out everybody (1997)
Alix Dobkin - a woman's love (1973)
Ma Rainey - prove it on me blues (1928)
Spotlight Artists:
   Romanovsky & Phillips

 give me a homosexual (1988)
 the prince charming tango (1984)
 what kind of self-respecting
    faggot am I (1986)
Dan Martin & Michael Biello -
   you don't know me (1992)

June 26, 2000:  Stonewall Special
NYC Gay Men's Chamber Choir -
   before stonewall (1994)
Jan Tilley - bricks & bottles (1994)
Peter Hicks - stonewall '69 (1993)
Melinda - remember stonewall (1994)
Jallen Rix - I saw jesus down
   at stonewall (1995)
Worm - stonewall (1995)

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Artist Links:
Alix Dobkin
Peter Hicks
Jallen Rix
Romanovsky & Phillips

Goldenrod Music

Many of recordings heard on
QMH can be purchased at
Goldenrod Music. Please click
on the photo to visit their site.


In The Outfield

This Way Out Interview

1993 March pic

Above, Paul, Alix Dobkin, Ron,
Cris Williamson, Tret Fure at
the 1993 March on Washington,
Photo by Richard Dworkin.

Stonewall Inn matchbook, 30s

Above, matchcover from the
Stonewall Inn, though probably
a couple decades before it
was a gay bar.


Just a matchcover I liked...


I Thought You'd Be Taller

Emotional Rollercoaster

Brave Boys

Trouble In Paradise

Let's Flaunt It

Hopefully Romantic

"Be Political, Not Polite"

Above, the seven albums of
Ron Romanovsky and Paul
Phillips, spanning 1984-1994,
And, left, their rare debut
Cassette from 1983, "In The
Outfield," and a 1995 This
Way Out Interview tape.

Ron & Paul

See my May 2003 show, with exclusive interviews,
a whole show on R&P
Stonewall banner

Peter Hicks "The Bottom Line" CD

Worm "I Pledge" CD

Jan Tilley "Scarlet Letter"

Right, the Stonewall Inn, circa '69


Don't Mess With Mary

Jallen Rix "The Sacred and the Queer"

Stonewall Inn