JD's Pics from Norfolk:

I lived in Norfolk, Virginia, from September 1978 through October 1981, and I was blessed to have
been part of the UUGC, Unitarian Universalist Gay Community, the group that seemed to
have done everything "gay" that needed done in Norfolk. Here are some pics from those days.

11   22

above, Dennis Buckland, our peaceful gay activist (1/30/50--12/24/93)


above, from left, clockwise, Jim Early, Susan Strattner, Lynn Johnson, Fred Osgood, JD Doyle, and Robbin ?

[there's a lot of folks on this page for which I just can't retrieve those roughly 30-year old
memory files for their names, so if you can help out, please email me

44  55

In pic #4, ? and Bob Halcums; in #5, Terry Hanlon, and ?
from the 1979 Tidewater Conference, I believe.
below, Bob Halcums and his lover Dick Cash (deceased in 1986)
and in pic #7, Jack Whitlow. Bob is now (2020) living in the South of France.

66  77


above, Jim Early and Dennis Buckland
and below, Steve Brown, owner of the Nickelodeon, in a pose
I conned him into, to resemble his long-running bar ad

99  1010


above, don't remember his name, maybe Randy? a Navy guy who briefly attended the UUGC

1212   1313

above in #12, Scott Wyatt and Carl Harrell; in #13, Ken ? and ?

below, Carleton Biscoe, Joe Peppin, and Allen Carter, at Ghent Arts Festival, not sure what year, probably '79


1515   1616

Joe Amos and Scott Wyatt in #15, and in #16, Fred Osgood, Terry Hanlon, Dennis Buckland

below, in #17, ?, Jayr Ellis, Mike Gordon, and in #18, Garland Tillery and Jim Early

1717   1818


above, Del Morrissette and ?

all of us loved the Ghent Arts Festival...here are some pics from May, 1980

2020 2121

above, Jack Whitlow and Ken ?; above right, Ken Russell, Dennis Buckman, Daniel Gary...

2222  23 23

above, Joe Amos, Chip Howe, Ken Wilson; above right, Janelle Holland (deceased) and her daughter (?)

2424  2525

above left, Brad Dunham (in yellow) and Corey Hanson, and at right, crowd shots,
below right, Mike Gordon & ?; below right, Bob Scott (deceased)

2626  27 27

2827   2929

above left, Joe Amos, and I had no idea then who
pic #29 was, but would have loved to have found out then
below, Bill Davis and Ken Russell

3030  31 31


above, Fred Osgood with young friend; below, Ken Wilson, Tony Santucci and ?

  3333   3434

and, here's some from the May 1982 Festival...

3535  36 36

above, Del Morrissette, Ken Russell and John Chappel
below, Bill Davis, Fred Osgood, Jack Jacknik (deceased) in background


 3838   3939

above left, Wayne Artman, above right, Jack Whitlow
below left, Ken Wilson, below right, Mike Peppler & Bill Pheiffer (both deceased)

4040      4141

I sure loved the Ghent Arts Festival, cause I was back again visiting Norfolk, in May 1983...

4242  4343

4444  45 45

See Jack Whitlow Obituary and Gallery


above, Dennis Buckland in front of The Belmont
below, Scott Wyatt, and right, me...wasn't I a punk?

4747  48 48

below, back to 1981, with my only Norfolk boyfriend, Dick Massa


and below, Fall 1981, one of my farewell parties...behind me is Brian O'Boyle,
back row: Fred Casey, Bill St. Clair, Terry Huffman., John Chappel, Mike Peppler and Bill Pheiffer;
(sadly, from that row, all but John are deceased)



 above, Brian O'Boyle, Bill Pheiffer and me, with Mike Peppler in front;
below, Fred Osgood, JD, Bill Davis


Above, Fred Osgood, Jack Whitlow, Bill Davis, 1977
Below, Wayne Artman, 1979


This one was sent to me after I moved to Houston, of the Our Own staff, circa '83?
front row: Steve Brown, Scott Wyatt, Mark Hiers, Doug Thompson, Jim Early, Garland Tillery,
back row: ?, Carl Harrell, Cliff ?, Joe Amos, ?, Don Seamans (deceased)

In 1984 I visited Norfolk again, this time with my then-lover, Kim Spradling,
and Scott Wyatt had a reunion party


Front row, from left, Jim Early, John C., Scott Wyatt, Carole Nelson,
Kim Spradling, back row, ?, Fred Osgood, Janelle Holland, Bill Davis, and, me

5555   5656

some more shots, this time you can spot Ken Wilson at the front right
below, a doorway shot of me and John Chappel


and below, a couple more, with Jack Whitlow claiming the easy chair

5858   5959

a couple from my 1994 visit...very rare shots of me with a beard...with Fred Osgood and Scott Wyatt,
and behind chair, Mike Marcucci and his friend David

6060   6161

and, bringing things up August, 2003:

6262   6363

above, Joe Amos, Jack Whitlow, Joe Davis, Joe Amos


above, Scott Wyatt; below, Jack Whitlow, Bill Davis, Frank

6565   6666


above, John Chappel and me; below, the Naro, and my old townhouse, 402 Boissevain

6868  6969

7070   7171

above, Fred Osgood, Jim Early, Garland Tillery; below, Jack Whitlow and some of his art

7272   7373

below, chef Scott and guard dog, Logan

7474   7575

and Click Here to see our March on Washington, 1979, pics

More pics from Fall of 1981, just before I moved to Texas


Above, Fred Osgood, Bill Davis;
Below, Bill Davis, John Gula (sitting, deceased), Scott Olson, Del Morrissette


78 79 

Above, Joe Amos; Fred Osgood and Janelle Holland; Below, Joe & JD



Above, Joe Peppin; Below, Del Morrissette, Ken Wilson


83 84 

Above, JD & Fred; Jim Early
Below, Fred, JD, Bill



Above and below, Bill Pheiffer, Mike Peppler, Terry Huffman (all deceased)




Above, Terry Huffman; Below, Bill, Mike, JD, Terry