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Montrose Singers
Page 1 - History & First Concert, June 1980
also see Part 4 of my Gay Chorus show for
interviews with Andy Mills and Linus Lerner

Well, it started with the Monstose Marching Band...when they returned from the March on Washington
they were breaking up and Andy Mills took over and changed the name to
Montrose Symphonic Band, and within a month also founded the Montrose Singers, in November of 1979.
The chorus was likely among the first five gay choruses formed, and representatives of twelve choruses
met in Chicago in 1982 to help form the organization GALA Choruses, Gay & Lesbian Association of Choruses.

Former Houston chorus member Rex Gillit has shared with me, and I have his permission to share with with you,
data he compiled on the history of the Montrose Singers and the Gay Men's Chorus of Houston.
The chart below gives a timeline and names of Artistic Directors and Conductors.

In the Fall of 2013 Kenneth Clayborne was named Artistic Director

Rex Gillit is also sharing an extraordinary spreadsheet of data on the Houston chorus,
including performances, with dates and locations, and comments, from 1979-2003.

Click to download the file

I borrowed from Andy Mills a whole stack of photos, and some of the band were included,
so for history sake am featuring then as well. Click to see the Montrose Band section.
And these will be large scans, to help see the faces and read the fine print.

Page 1 - First Concert, June 1980
Page 2 - Xmas Concert, 1980
Page 3 - 1981- 1985

Page 4 - Concert Sound Files

Page 5 - Gay Men's Chorus - 1991 - 2010
Page 6 - Programs

Copy of above photo, annotated by Andy

Below, some photos have unfortunately begun to deteriorate

I know that the ones above were taken during the first half of the concert
because when they entered for the second half they wore Hawaiian leis

Below, Andy took out an ad in the program for the Ella Fitzgerald concert that same weekend

First Concert Program

Below, ad in TWT (This Week In Texas)

Miscellaneous Clippings

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